Shailesh Chandra, the Managing Director of Tata Motors says that the company has a plan to pursue electrification of cars on a more intense basis. Tata is keeping up with the times and carrying out this plan to ensure that it is still ahead of the curve. The MD believes that it is very important to visualise a scenario and take necessary actions to be ready for the future. This decade is likely to be a transitional period for the auto industry. 

“We are sorted out in our thinking since we always see the destination point and one needs to consider milestones and journeys with certain visibility…the journey will continue beyond that,” says Mr Chandra, the Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Electric mobility. 

Tata Motors EV: Goal, Tech, and Execution

Tata Motors already has a goal and vision to achieve a rate of 30% electrification in the automobile segment by the year 2030. In keeping with the times, Tata Motors is gravitating more towards EV (electric vehicle) manufacturing and they have come up with several EVs as well. Tata hopes to be 20% electric within a span of five years. As of current stats, only 8% of the cars are electrified in the country. “We are already at 7% penetration and will target significantly higher than 30% by 2030,” says Chandra. 

Tata Motors is trying to come up with ways that can help make the IC engine more eco-friendly using technology. Mr Shailesh Chandra also believes that short, mid, and long term goals should be formulated by the company as the emission regulations keep changing. Hence, plans should be made accordingly. 

The current war happening in Ukraine is not helping the situation for the automotive industry. There is a shortage in microchip supplies and prices of certain parts and metals are getting more expensive. Tata is constantly pushing to find alternate, cleaner, and affordable fuel options for the future.

To get a start on its 5-year goal, Tata Motors has introduced a bunch of electric vehicles. Some models such as the Tata Nexon EV and Tigor EV has received a great response from the buyers. In fact, the Nexon EV is the top-selling EV in the country. Models such as Sierra EV and Punch EV are in the works and there is definitely more to come in the Indian market. 

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