India is a land where one question has remained the same for a long, and that is ‘Kitna Deti Hai’. This relates to the mileage of a car and every Indian is well versed with the fact that we look for mileage while buying a car. But what if I told you that you can improve the mileage of your car? Interesting, right? So, here are 10 ways you can improve the mileage of your car and get the best of your money spent.

  1. Keep the acceleration in check

    Do not speed up the vehicle or slow down the car as you wanted. Maintain the constant speed to get good mileage. Driving at 55-65mph can avoid fuel consumption. Try not to drive fastly, it consumes more fuel and is also too risky for your life.

  2. Maintain manufacturer-recommended tyre pressure

    Every manufacturer recommends a certain tyre pressure for your car. You may see that there is a difference in tyre pressure requirement even in the front and rear tyres. If the tyre pressure is low, it causes under-inflation that means the contact area of the tyre and road increases which makes the car speed slow down, where we have to put effort into acceleration, hence it decreases the mileage. To be more precise, maintain the tyre pressure according to your car manual. So, when you go to the gas station for refuelling, check the tyre pressure and get it done. It makes the vehicle lighter to drive.

  3. Get your car serviced regularly

    A car with abysmal maintenance is also one reason for the low mileage. So do regular car service and get air filters, oil change, fuel filter, and necessary things. It helps to increase the mileage. Pitstop gives you the best car service in Bangalore that picks up your car and delivers it to your doorstep to save your time.

  4. Keep the windows closed in the long run

    This is a general misconception that a car will consume more fuel if we run AC and less if the windows are down. If you are going for a long drive, let’s say on a highway, at higher speeds drag due to open windows can reduce the efficiency drastically. This happens due to the fact that the load on the engine increases.

  5. Don’t carry unnecessary weight

    Excessive Weight on the top

    Excessive weight on the top decreases fuel efficiency | Source

    Can you walk faster with a lot of luggage on you? No, right! In the same way, a car can move softly and can perform well when there is less weight inside of it. If you don’t use the child safety seat anymore, why carry it? Just remove it. Avoid luggage carry holders on the top of the car, you can carry them when it is needed. The unnecessary load slows down the car speed.

  6. Get the Fuel pressure regulator checked

    Even a fuel pressure regulator may fail, it causes too much fuel pressure which leads to fuel consumption. It is better to replace it for every 100,000 miles. Use the fuels as recommended to your car and also check the quality of the fuel. You know where to go for the inspection. Pitstop!

  7. Check the Engine oil level

    When you go for car service, ask them to use the best engine oil like Shell engine oil. It is the most recommended fuel to increase mileage and used by Pitstop. This Shell engine oil has benefits. It keeps the engine clean, runs efficiently, and increases the lifespan of it.
    Want to know more about engine oils? Click here.

  8. Be smooth while shifting gears

    iMT Gearbox

    Time your gear shifts

    Timing is essential when you shift the gear while driving. Driving slowly at top gear consumes more fuel. Drive at a constant speed and avoid high bumps as well to get proper mileage. Shift the gear when you reach 2000rpm in a diesel car and 2500rpm in a petrol car, it helps you save the fuel up to 15%.

  9. Switching off the engine while idling

    If you have to wait over 1 minute, switching off the engine is the best way to prevent fuel consumption. Also, turning off and on frequently causes fuel consumption. Because when you switch it on, it takes more fuel to start. So be conscious about that.

  10. Switching off AC

    The recent model cars and upcoming cars have features like auto AC, which plays according to the temperature inside the car. But with manual AC cars, a lazy driver who doesn’t switch off the AC ignores it and continues to drive, and the result is more fuel consumption. Opening the windows is also not a good idea because of the climate and pollution. So open them when they are bearable.

So, these are the ways in which you can get the best mileage out of your car. Keep your car serviced from Pitstop, get it inspected regularly and you are good to go. A small amount spent on servicing can save you a fortune on fuel expenses.