Though a lot of people know how to drive a car, many of them do not have any understating how a clutch works. This raises the question of how to know when your car clutch needs replacing? Most of the people rely on their car mechanics to take care of any clutch related problem. It certainly will help you to get a basic understanding of the way your car clutch plate works and when it requires a clutch replacement. The main warning signs that you would consider as a call for the replacement of your clutch are mentioned below.

Smoke or burning smell:

If you find that your car is emitting a burning smell that is quite similar to a rubber being burnt or a fire caused by electricity then you should be precautious. This burning smell often gets accompanied by smoke and it only means the condition is quite serious. Such a situation occurs because of the damage that has been caused to the clutch due to overheating because of the wear and tear of the clutch plate. You should look for symptoms of clutch plate problems to avoid such a situation. The reason behind this type of problem is riding the clutch mostly in time of slow traffic moving. Take your car to Pitstop and you will be appreciating your decision of consulting them later.

Clutch Replacement

Slipping out of the gears:

In this case, your car will simply slip out of the gear for some non-apparent reason. Your car might also become jerky. Such a situation like the gear slipping out happens when the car is under a high load. The reason behind such a problem is that in this case the clutch has been worn out and it needs a replacement. However, there might also be oil leaking from the crankshaft towards the clutch plate and you will need to give your immediate attention to it. Pitstop is known for resolving this problem within minutes.

Clutch sticking:

In this scenario, your car pedals will become tougher to press or make them disengaged. This kind of situation always does not point towards any problem with the clutch but you will need to take care of the leakage situation. The reason behind such a situation occurring is the failure of hydraulic linkages that creates a lot of pressure.

Your car always gives signs when it needs servicing, you just need to understand them so that you can take immediate action before the damage hikes up. Like in this case, these are the primary signs that you should look for and visit a car clutch service in Bangalore. It is important that you select a proper repairing shop for servicing your clutch to ensure the quality of your car is maintained. You should look through a number of car repair shops before selecting any particular ones. And do more research on the selected shop. You also check the online ratings and reviews of the shop you have finalized and also check their pricing.

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