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Hyundai Creta Rivals from Maruti and Mahindra – New Details

Brezza: Creta rivals

With the introduction of new models, competition in the mid-size SUV category is heating up. The Hyundai Creta, which presently dominates the segment, will face fresh competition from Volkswagen (Taigun) and MG in the near future (Astor). In reality, Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest passenger car manufacturer, will enter the mid-size SUV category in the future years. While there is no official confirmation, the new Maruti SUV is said to be created by a joint venture between Suzuki and Toyota. The SUV will be manufactured at Toyota’s factory in Bidadi, Karnataka.

The new Suzuki Vitara caught on camera

In Gurugram, the fourth-generation Suzuki Vitara was recently seen on video. The model, on the other hand, is most likely to be here for component or engine testing for its next-generation model. The forthcoming Maruti Suzuki Creta rivals is said to be 4.3 metres long and would be built on Toyota’s DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) modular platform. It would be premature to comment on its engines at this time. It may, however, be available with Suzuki’s 1.5L petrol and turbo petrol engines, according to rumours.

What is the grand scheme of Mahindra?

Mahindra & Mahindra has a new SUV lineup planned for our market. One of them will be a Hyundai Creta rival that will be positioned in the company’s product lineup between the XUV300 and XUV700. The Mahindra V201 (codename) could be the product that follows the Mahindra W620, according to a media report. The latter could be a potential Alturas G4 successor.

According to the source, the Mahindra V201 may also be available with an electric motor. If this happens, the new Mahindra mid-size SUV’s electric version will compete directly with the MG ZS EV. As the carmaker trademarked the nameplate in the country, speculation is rife that Mahindra’s Creta rival will be called the Mahindra XUV400. According to previous reports, the new-generation Mahindra XUV500 could be offered as a Hyundai Creta competitor.

New Maruti Suzuki SUV

In the future years, Maruti Suzuki wants to expand its SUV product line. The Indo-Japanese automaker has a number of new SUVs in the works, including some in the mid-size SUV sector. Hyundai Creta rival Maruti Suzuki will be developed by a Suzuki-Toyota joint venture and manufactured at Toyota’s Bidadi plant in Karnataka. It will most likely be the foundation for Toyota’s DNGA platform and will be roughly 4.3 metres long. The SUV is expected to arrive by the end of 2022, according to reports. A 1.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine could power the upcoming Maruti Creta challenger. The 1.2L turbo petrol and 1.4L turbo petrol engines may also be used by the automaker.

More information on the next Maruti and Mahindra Creta rivals is expected to be released soon. Keep an eye out for updates.

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