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India to have around 70 vehicle scrapping facilities by 2026

vehicle scrapping

The government is moving ahead strongly with the new vehicle scrapping rules in the country. The plan is to increase the number of vehicle scrappage centers across India. A national conference was held on “investment opportunities on highways, transport, and logistics” in Mumbai under Nitin Gadkari the chairman of Union Minister of Road Transport. He highlighted that this new intervention will increase investment opportunities in the transportation sector.

The main highlight of the conference was investment opportunities in the government’s vehicle scrappage policy. The Voluntary Vehicle-Fleet Modernization policy will help in eliminating unfit and polluting vehicles, decrease pollution by scrapping around one crore unfit vehicles, improve road and passenger safety, elevate sales in the automotive sector, improve fuel efficiency, and standardize scrappage sector in the country 

 Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities

As part of the policy, the government will introduce roughly 50-70 Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities (RVSFs)  to dispose of unfit vehicles in a safe manner. The new infrastructure increases value extraction from around 70 percent currently to 90 to 95 percent.

Also, the Union Minister said that the Centre’s Vehicle Scrapping Policy will help in creating jobs, reduce pollution, boost export, improve tax revenues from the automotive sector. Moreover, this will help in the significant growth of the automotive sector in the country.

The scrapping will be done Regardless of a vehicle’s age and will be done considering its fitness. The authority will conduct Mandatory testing on private vehicles above 20 years. Also for commercial vehicles beyond 15-years, and 15-year-old government vehicles. Moreover, the body will label engineers that fail as an “End of Life” vehicle. However, an order by the Appellate Authority can help certain vehicles for a second eligibility test after going through repair and thorough inspection.

The center will kick off the new policy by scrapping end-of-life vehicles from October 1, 2022. Moreover, heavy commercial vehicles will have to undergo compulsory fitness tests from 1st April 2023. Tests for other classes will commence on 1st June 2024.

Furthermore, the government plans to introduce 75 automated vehicle testing centers in the coming years.

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