Indian oil has now launched the 95 octane petrol which is said to give much better milage than its predecessors. Indian Oil’s Corporation Chairman, Shrikanth Madhav Vaidya states that the XP95 petrol will be available from May 1 and around 30% of the Indian oil retail outlets will be selling it. He also added that it will be available all across India and will be increasing the number of outlets and plan on having 12,000-13,000 outlets by the end of June from the existing 8,000.

What exactly is Indian Oil 95 Octane Petrol?

The XP95 is aimed at giving better mileage and will also play a crucial role in meeting the upcoming emission norms. The XP100 which was launched last year at Rs 160/litre was mainly focused on owners of high-performance vehicles. The new XP95 is priced at a markup of just Rs 1/litre. The 95 Octane petrol is catered to a much wider range of customers than the XP100 and even an average commuter is going to see the benefits of it.

The Octane rating is used to highlight the tendency of the fuel of knocking ( A phenomenon caused by the untimely ignition of fuel inside the combustion chamber), so a higher octane rating is always more advantageous to the consumer. The new XP95 is going to be advantageous to cars that use turbo-petrol engines which are known for their high fuel consumption. A higher Octane rating allows the engine to have a better combustion ratio which is very important for improving efficiency and also in reducing emissions.

What’s next?

 Indian Oil is also all set to launch 55 cetane diesel, which is a high-performance diesel. A Cetane number is similar to what an Octane number is to petrol.

This high-grade diesel is said to give improved milage. The IOCL Chairman also said that it has added advantages like reduced emissions and will also lower the engine vibration. The 55 Cetane diesel is expected to launch soon.

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