Diwali is around the corner and you would have already deep cleaned your house and made every corner shine. But did you extend the same courtesy to your car as well? When you get in your car, you tend to drag in some amount of dirt. And every time you eat or drink, you add a few more crumbs and spills. The mere exercise of you sitting in the car results in droppings of hair, and other contaminants.

Therefore, this Diwali, it would be a wise decision to get a car detailing service to deep clean your trusted vehicle in order to make it festive ready.

Diwali Offer on Car services

Car Deep Cleaning Services

Some of the typical car care services which tend to deep clean your car and make it Diwali ready in no time are listed below:

Interior Detailing

Car interiors are the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning your beloved travel partner, and they become storehouses for grime, grease, empty chips packets, moldy gum bags, and much more. If you have a vacuum cleaner and a plethora of cleaning products, you should ideally be able to clean the interiors of your car on your own. But for deep cleaning the insides of a vehicle, the following steps are necessary:

  • Vacuuming: Seats, carpets and mats, headliner, rear cargo area, and trunk are typically vacuumed to clean debris.
  • Scrubbing and Brushing: Scrubbing and brushing help to remove stains on floor carpets and mats.
  • Glass Cleaning: This aspect caters to the cleaning of the windshield and windows.
  • Deep Foam Washing: Some of the other minor services which are also included in the interior detailing of a car are roof lining foam finish, foam washing for door pads, and shampooing all the dirt and debris away from your precious vehicle.

Exterior Rubbing & Polishing

You should ideally wash your vehicle every week and detail every few months if you want to keep the outside of your car looking sharp. Furthermore, polishing your car buffs an abrasive compound onto the car’s paint to remove small layers of clear coat, making small scratches and swirls in the paint disappear and gives your car the brand new, just-out-of-the-showroom look it deserves.

And how does the paint get sealed in? If you’re wondering how the magic happens, it’s all because of a little car wax to make your vehicle look spectacular. Using car wax gives a healthy and deep shine to the car so that the fresh paint gets long-lasting protection and does not melt, wash off, or wear away for at least three months.

Wash & Wax

What exactly do a car wash and wax detailing entail? Well, using car wax gives the car a glossy shine and adds a protective layer to the car’s paint. On the other hand, the washing and drying process is usually done by hand or by a high power hose. Spraying and wiping down the car’s body with specialized products also gets done. This incorporates hand washing the rims, door handles, and the glass. It is recommended that you go for professional waxing every three months, i.e. at least 4 times a year!

AC Disinfection And Interior Sanitization

With the advent of a global pandemic and your vehicles being stationary for months on end, it is imperative that your car should get an AC disinfection and interior sanitization service as soon as possible. This particular service, which includes interior vacuuming, dashboard cleaning, foaming, washing, and sanitization of door pads, roof lining, seats as well as glass fixtures, kills the microbes off your car interiors by using an antimicrobial solvent and a powerful disinfectant which is diffused through the AC vents.

Permagard Car Deep Cleaning

This particular aspect of car detailing focuses on disinfecting your car’s steering wheel, AC vent, upholstery, floor carpet, and trims. Carpets and mats, along with the rest of the car’s upholstery are typically vacuumed to clean dirt, germs, and debris. The Permagard Car Deep Cleaning service deploys a layer of an antimicrobial layer that settles on the car interiors and kills all kinds of bacteria, sanitizing the car thoroughly for your good health and safety by undergoing the following procedures: AC filter cleaning and sanitation, AC vent cleaning and disinfection, carpets being scrubbed, cleaned, and disinfected with proper precautions and care, among other interior detailing services.

Complete Car Spa

A complete car spa is your best solution if you want your car to look spick & span inside-out. A complete car spa combines the wonders of both interiors and exterior car detailing and includes vacuuming, restoring, and surpassing the original condition of your vehicle’s tires, windows, and wheels, among other visible components, along with all the components found inside the cabin such as the leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and natural fibers.

Final Words

Keep in mind that car detailing, whether interior, exterior, or a complete car spa, is essential because it extends the life of a vehicle and maintains its maximum resale value. Moreover, if you continue to deep clean your vehicle at regular intervals, it will maintain that “new car” look and feel for many years. And what better time than now when Diwali is around the corner and Pitstop is showering unbelievable offers on car services! So, book your services now to make sure your car shines the brightest this Diwali.