Jeep recently announced a three-row SUV Commander, domestically known as Jeep Low-D, to be sold in India as the Meridian. The model will first go on sale in Brazil, with India following in the middle of 2022.

What’s New

The Commander has been spotted testing in India and Brazil several times in the last year. The three-row Jeep Commander receives several unique bits to differentiate between it and the two-row SUV on which the Jeep Commander relies. The Jeep Commander will be built in Goiana, Brazil, alongside the Compass, Renegade, and Fiat Toro, all of which are built on the same platform as the Commander. Right-hand drive versions will be manufactured in India’s Ranjangaon plant, which also produces the Compass, and exported worldwide.

Meridian Vs Compass

The Commander appears to be a longer Compass at first glance, but closer inspection reveals the differences in design details. The Commander and the Grand Cherokee L have a lot of similarities in terms of styling. The front grille with the top section folded backwards, as well as the familiar chrome detailing along the upper edges of the windows, are design elements that harken back to the Compass. On Jeep’s new generation Grand Cherokee, the rectangular full LED headlamp and slim rear lamps are designed with a window line that is equivalent to newer Jeep models.

The Commander’s front bumper features large faux vents with LED Daytime Running Lamps and fog lamps, as well as a chrome strip that runs across the fascia.

The Commander is 364mm longer, 41mm wider, and 42mm taller than the Compass, with dimensions of 4,769mm long, 1,859mm wide, and 1,682mm high. The wheelbase of the Commander is 2,794mm, which is 158mm longer than the Compass. When viewed from the sides, the Compass’s rear doors and quarter windows are noticeably larger than the Compass’s. In addition to the long wheelbase, the rear overhang appears to be longer.

When viewed from the back three quarters, the Commander’s tailgate is more upright and has a premium appearance, which is especially similar to other Jeep models like the new flagship Wagoneer SUV. The slim LED tail lights, which are connected by a chrome strip, complete the look.


In India, the Commander will be known as the Jeep Meridian and will go on sale in mid-2022. The Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and Skoda Kodiaq would be the major competitors in India.