Are you going shopping for a used vehicle? If you have done your research well, you know that the factors determining a well-functioning vehicle’s precise value are mileage, age, and condition. However, in the used car world, you might find a few surprises that can leave you scratching your head.

The used car industry in our country has several things to offer, but many questions still ail people stepping into the used car market for the first time. And among all the questions, the most asked question is about a choice between kilometers or a used car’s age. Both these factors should be considered as filters to narrow down on your vehicle of choice.

But in which order? This argument isn’t new, but we will try to make sense of it in every way we can. Therefore, let’s begin by understanding each factor correctly.


Before concluding, it is necessary to understand how a used vehicle has done its kilometers on the reading meter. You can reward extra points to an economical car that has done quite a few digits. But sometimes, you can misinterpret how the vehicle has been driven, along with the location and terrain on which it clocked its odometer reading.

A car running on city roads with endless traffic will undergo a lot of wear and tear despite clocking marginal kilometers. On the other hand, a vehicle running on the highway and open stretches leading to a large running count will have undergone less wear and tear than a city-driven car. 

Similarly, a well-maintained car that has all the repair and service work done on time through a certified car service provider will accompany you for a long, despite having more kilometers on the odometer. A car with fewer numbers done with an untimely and uncertain past service record speaks about the owner and its future life cycle. Take our complete car inspection to understand the health of a used car.Get Inspection Now

Age of the car

The age-old saying that goes along the lines of ‘old is gold’ might apply to many things, but cars aren’t one of them. Unlike wine, a car tends to depreciate with age. Even if it’s sparingly used, the body panels are prone to rust, rubber tires can start hardening, internal wiring (made of plastic and rubber) may develop cracks, so the list of possible problems is endless.

And did you know, in a few cities, age comes with more baggage for diesel vehicles! For instance, if your vehicle is more than ten years old, you’re not legally allowed to drive it around.

Age as compared to the odometer reading

A lightly used car that’s old or a newer option has many kilometers on it: the central dilemma that needs to be answered. The right mix, or the balance of both, would make the ideal vehicle. A not-so-extensively used car allows you to encash on its remaining warranty. A vehicle that hasn’t been used much will offer a much better driving experience and require less maintenance in the long run.

External factors to consider when purchasing a used car


While prices of new cars are fixed, used vehicle prices could be depending on the age of the vehicle, the number of kilometers it has run, and how it has been maintained. Hence you must zero down on a budget and the car you want to buy.

Maintenance Costs

While some cars could cost you less fuel, bigger cars could cost quite a lot more. So if you drive long distances, buying a smaller car would mean that you end up saving significantly on fuel costs alone. Therefore, once you have zeroed in on your maintenance costs and the budget, it is simpler to zero-in on a vehicle in a particular category.

The Myth Buster

Finally, we can infer that many people have this confusion while stepping out to buy a pre-owned car. If you were to ask us, our Pitstop expert would say that a two or three-year-old vehicle that holds a good odometer reading is a good option because it is relatively new and possibly has updated tech mechanics. Besides, a vehicle that hasn’t been driven much but has been well-maintained can be an absolute gem to own.

We understand that buying a car, whether it’s new or pre-owned, puts everyone in a very confusing position as there are tons of things that need to be considered. And when it comes to a used car, there could be chances of some major underlying issues which are not physically visible. Hence, to ensure your peace of mind, we offer complete car inspection for pre-owned cars, wherein we conduct a 42 point complete check which helps to accurately map the overall health of the car.