Have you ever pondered what makes premium automobiles so desirable? For many Motor Heads, the extra features of a luxury car are what makes them an attractive and aspirational possession. Those were the days when a simple touchscreen infotainment system in a car was considered an amazing addition by everybody, well beyond the budget’s reach. We all want to see sophisticated technologies in our automobiles that will make driving on Indian roads more enjoyable and safer. Many luxury automobile amenities are available in normal cars that we wish were available in the car we drive. Not just in terms of social prestige, but also in terms of personal safety.

The government’s demand that all new automobiles, including entry-level models, include anti-lock brakes and twin front airbags is now public knowledge. This rule applies to all new automobiles on the market. This is unquestionably a positive start toward improving traffic safety in India. However, we are aware that a large number of other characteristics may be added to the list of safety features for normal automobiles. For example, we’d want to see a frontal collision assist feature that ensures the car comes to a complete stop as soon as something is spotted close. The three additional features that would make a difference are electronic stability control, blind-spot monitor, and traction control.

Auto-Dimming IRVM

Image Source: Leisure Wheels

Every automobile should have an auto-dimming interior rearview mirror (IRVM). However, at the time, it was only accessible in high-end luxury vehicles. Even the auto-dimming function in the Inside Rear View Mirror would be appreciated by any automobile lover. In ordinary passenger automobiles, this function would make driving more pleasurable and safe.

Headlamps with LEDs

Image source: Cartoq

LED Headlamps are associated with style by a large number of individuals. They are, however, very efficient and give superior light throw and dispersion in the dark, in addition to being a styling agent. LED headlamps are available on a few cheap cars, such as the Maruti Ignis and Maruti Dzire, although they are still seen as high-end features seen only in high-end luxury vehicles.

Measurement of tyre pressure automatically

tyre pressure features

Image Source: Car and Driver

Isn’t it going to be a lot easier if your automobile has an automated tyre pressure measuring system? Under-inflated tyres have a negative impact on a car’s brakes as well as its fuel economy. An automated tyre pressure measuring system will provide real-time information about the tyres to the driver, allowing him or her to take corrective action on the spot.

Parking camera with a 360-degree view

parking features

Image source: Mercedes Benz

Every vehicle driver knows how difficult it is to find a parking spot in a crowded metropolis. If you’ve ever had to park in a tight place, a 360-degree parking camera that gives you a bird’s eye perspective would be ideal. This will significantly increase the driver’s attention and reduce the number of disputes caused by parking lot space constraints. This is a costly feature, which is why you’ll find it on high-end automobiles like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and BMW. There’s a reason this piece is titled “things we’d want to see in everyday automobiles.”

Seats With Ventilation

This is more of a need than a pleasure. Our chairs must be as comfy as possible, given the tropical environment we have in India. There are occasions when you find yourself sweating in a car, even in the cold. Ventilated seats would be a godsend feature to anyone who travels by car.

Entertainment on the Go

featuresHow about Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support that is wireless? Aren’t your road excursions going to be more exciting? It’s OK to use a cable to listen to music and watch movies, but the more capacity you have, the more enjoyable your drives will be.


FeaturesThe sunroof is seen as an attractive feature. However, there are additional advantages to the same, such as improved automobile ventilation and AC performance. Honda and Ford have begun to offer similar services, and we really hope that more respected carmakers follow suit.