We all know the Auto Expo 2020 showcased the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, ready to make its appearance in the Indian Automobile market since the Expo. While Mahindra Thar had been discontinued due to not following the BNVSAP norms, it was again released in October 2020. So let’s compare and contrast to see which is the better SUV. 

Powertrain and Offroad comparisons: 

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As we can see, Mahindra Thar is better in terms of engine and power as it is clearly more powerful compared to Maruti Suzuki Jimny which seems to be less powerful but is definitely more fuel-efficient. In terms of offroading capabilities, Maruti Jimny has a smoother glide and control compared to Mahindra Thar which is also comparatively good although Jimny has a better departure angle and ramp over break angle compared to Thar. 

Features: (H3)

Mahindra Thar: 

The Thar offers a waterproof touchscreen Multi-Information display and infotainment system that allows you to control Navigation and plenty of other features via connecting your smartphone or smartwatch to the system. You can also monitor all vital stats via an altimeter, a compass, and a roll pitch meter that comes in the Adventure Statistics System. On enabling this, you can be in complete control of everything inside the car without having the need to step outside the car. The system also lets you know the tyre pressures allowing you to be informed thereby making you feel safe and secure. The seating area is height adjustable and also has legroom space for front and rear seatings for extra comfort. 

Maruti Suzuki Jimny: 

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny also offers a touchscreen infotainment system and an elegant dashboard. The seatings offer high comfort and well-cushioned seats. This also offers extra legroom space both at the front and rear and sufficient headroom as well. The driver’s seating is upright and has good all-around visibility of the road. The infotainment system will be compatible with smartphones and smartwatches, an electric outside rearview mirror, etc. More features will be known upon the release sometime in 2021 mid or end of the year. 

Safety Features: 

Maruti Suzuki Jimny: 

Apart from offering safety features like ABS, EBD, dual-front airbags, hill-start assist, there are motion sensors that detect if in case the vehicle is about to collide with another vehicle or a pedestrian. This kind of feature allows the driver to act quickly and slow the vehicle before anything happens. Apart from these, there are also alerts such as weaving alerts, lane departure warnings, and traffic sign recognition. These all come in handy and ensure a safe driving experience. 

Mahindra Thar: 

The Thar on the other hand after passing the GNCAP test has been rated 4 points out of 5 in terms of safety as it was previously stopped for not following safety norms. It has disc brakes in the front end and drum brakes at the rear end. Its ground clearance degree makes it compatible with uneven terrains and landscapes. The shock absorbers and leaf suspension make bumpy rides smoother. It also comes with ISOFIX child mount seats, 3 point seat belts, seat belt reminders, dual airbags, ABS, EBD, and brake assist. 


Both Thar and Jimny offer a bold exterior design model and are all-terrain. The Maruti Suzuki Jimny has LED headlights, Optimised bumpers, and practical drip rails. The Thar on the other hand has also LED DRLs and headlights, purpose-built bumpers, and the best part, a convertible top variant for adventurous expeditions. 

Which one is better?

As we have compared both in terms of specs, safety, and design, it is safe to say that both are equally good in their own way. Each comes with features that are not present in the other. Although Thar may look the best, Jimny has been equipped with better safety features but one can only fully know upon driving it. Although we cannot expect the same safety equipment from Jimny if launched in India. So one can only truly decide the best upon driving these and choosing upon desire.

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