The debate is always whether you need a car with automatic transmission, bigger wheelbase, so on and so forth. We are always curious about many things when we buy anything. But when it comes to buying a car, we get curious about every little detail as we want the best features and at the same time purchase the most popular car in the market. 

However, one of the most important factors to look for when choosing a car is the transmission. For you to get your car from one point to another, the transmission allows the vehicle to shift gears, which then transfers power to the engine and gets the vehicle going. 

Besides the science, transmission is one of the cool factors of the car and in recent years, automatic transmission has been in the limelight. Sure cars still come with a manual transmission, but automatic transmission has been more appealing. 

But this battle is never-ending and people get confused while deciding between automatic or manual transmission. Let us find out what’s the best between the two. 

Automatic transmissions:

Why is automatic transmission better than manual? Ever since automatic transmissions have come into the spotlight, they have been designed to eclipse manual transmissions. But are automatic transmissions the best?


  • Easy to use:

    Since automatic transmissions are meant to ease the shifting of gears and working a clutch, this makes it easier for beginners in learning drive the vehicle.
    It also adds to the advantage, especially during traffic points where you may have to start and stop the vehicle. Automatic transmissions ease these activities without having to push more than a single pedal.
    Automatic transmissions also need the attention of the wheel more than the pedal or gear. This is a great convenience factor here.

  • Better for hilly rides:

    Going to a hill station with your friends but cannot rely on a manual transmission car?Automatic transmission cars will make this easier as there is more focus on the wheel rather than the gear or the pedal. This will make your car run efficiently no matter how steep the hill is.

  • Saves from stalling:

    Many of us might have faced the sudden stopping of our cars at the traffic signal and have not been able to start. Stalling is not an issue to worry about in automatic transmission vehicles, provided there is a mechanical issue. 


  • Expensive to Maintain:

    Although automatic transmission is known for the ease and efficiency of driving, it’s not easy to maintain parts as they’re complex and take a longer time to repair and thus even cost more. 

Manual transmissions:

Talking about manual transmission, this requires more of the driver’s attention to operate manually. The driver acts as the pilot here and is required to push pedals, shift gears and steer the wheel. Looks like quite the task. But is it worth operating without automatic assistance? Let us find out. 


  • Cheaper maintenance:

    The manual transmission has exceptionally cheaper mechanical parts as it is a simpler mechanism compared to automatic transmission’s comparatively advanced mechanisms. 

This goes easy on the pocket and is usually easier to maintain as it requires very few checkups. But be careful as the clutch may falter in a manual transmission vehicle.  

  • Better fuel efficiency:

    Manual transmission weighs less, are less complex than automatics and has more gears. The point is, you save a lot on petrol and get to drive more kilometres. 

  • Stable drive:

    Since automatic transmissions already anticipate a given situation, it is not ideal for every situation, may falter at any point in time and also rely on high engine power. 

Manual transmissions give better control over the vehicle and use less power and give a better outcome. 


  • Difficult to learn and operate:

    Since Manual transmission requires the driver to be the pilot, it requires great patience and self-shifting of gears. 

Shifting gears during traffic can be a pain, especially when you need to bring the car to a stop and start again and keep shifting between the two constantly. 

So what did we understand from the above analysis? We understood that Automatic transmissions work better and are suitable for beginners but Manual transmissions cost lesser and are more efficient. 

But when we ideally look at comfort over cost, which is the primary factor for determining the purchase of a car, it’s best to say that Automatic transmission is a better option. Although on the expensive side yet being the most comfortable option, this transmission option is the best fitting for all.

So there you have it. The answer you were looking for. Automatic transmission seems to be a viable option for the future. 

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