Large premium SUVs are considered to be a status symbol in India. There are many buyers of large SUVs in the country. The Toyota Fortuner still sits on the throne of best-selling large SUV for this month. Whereas, the MG Gloster beats the Hyundai Tucson and rests second on the table. Even the Skoda Kodiaq performs much better this month. The overall monthly sales for March 2022 is 3,442 units, whereas it was 3,857 units for March 2021. This shows a YoY decline of 10.76%. The total number of units sold in February 2022 stands at 2,395 units, which shows an MoM increase of 43.72%. Down below are the top-selling large SUVs in March 2022.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota sold a total of 2,984 units of Fortuner SUVs in India this March. They dominated the entire large SUV market with the Toyota Fortuner. This sales record shows a 40% increase in YoY sales. The MoM sales have also increased by more than 61% as Toyota sold 1,848 units in February this year. 

MG Gloster

The second place in the sales of large SUVs this March is the MG Gloster. It sold around 152 units in March 2022, in comparison to the 505 units sold in March 2021. It showed a YoY decrease of almost 70% in the market. 151 units were sold in the previous month, which shows a marginal MoM increase. 

Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is an excellent and fuel-efficient car on the list. It is an amazing family car as it has many features and it delivers very good performance and a very comfortable ride. Despite having these positives, only 125 units of the Kodiaq were sold this March. Although, the MoM sales for the car have increased by 86%.

Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is said to be an affordable car in comparison to the large premium SUV market. This model comes with a plethora of features, a good powertrain and has good space on the interior. Although, only 109 units of the car were sold by Hyundai in March 2022. This shows a YoY decline in sales by 24% and a decrease in MoM sales of 37%

Mahindra Alturas

The Mahindra Alturas G4 is a refined and sleek large SUV. It is a very comfortable SUV, although it hasn’t tapped into its sales potential completely as of yet. The Alturas comes in fifth place, with a sale of 41 units last month. It recorded a YoY decrease of 16.33% as well as an MoM growth of 51.85%. 

Volkswagen Tiguan

The total sales that the Volkswagen Tiguan witnessed was just 31 units in March, whereas it had an additional 99 units for February this year. This shows an MoM decline of almost 76.15% in total. 

Ford Endeavour

When the Ford Endeavour was introduced for the first time, it used to be very popular and the desired car. However, the exit of Ford from the Indian automobile market resulted in 0 units of the Ford being sold in March 2022.

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The sales in numbers of SUVs have been showing resilience even though there has been a shortage of semiconductor chips. Many SUVs have definitely witnessed a downfall in sales over the years as well. Although as a whole, certain models seem to be doing considerable well in Indian markets.

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