India’s biggest car manufacturer  Maruti Suzuki has filed a trademark application for Maruti Suzuki ‘S-Assist’. Though no information regarding the trademark has been released, there are a lot of speculations about this new trademark.

One of the speculations and the most convincing is that this could be Maruiti’s new clutchless manual transmission known as iMT(Intelligent Manual transmission).

This feature was already launched by the Korean Automakers Kia and Hyundai in the Indian market.

iMT: (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

iMT which means Intelligent Manual Transmission is a hybrid between a manual and an automatic gearbox. Like the Manual, it has the gear stick but does not have the clutch thus allowing the driver to change gears without the need to press the clutch.

It consists of only the brake and accelerator pedals. An intention sensor integrated into the gear lever informs the transmission control unit as the driver is about to change gears. The TCU then acts as a signal to the hydraulic actuator which automatically engages and disengages the clutch depending on the gear shift pattern.

The ‘S-Assist’ launch:

Though no official statements have been made the S-Assist is likely to debut in the 2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio or the next generation Vitara Brezza. It is important to note that both the cars will be launched this year.

Both the Celerio and Brezza are based on the Heartech Platform making them much stiffer and safer than previous Maruti cars. There are rumors in the market about the possibility of these two having an iMT option.

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