Mercedes has again been accused of using illegal practices to enforce emissions regulations.

Back in 2018, the German road vehicle authority had found that Mercedes had been using prohibited defeat devices in their vehicles to manipulate emission scores. Recently the Environment action Germany (DUH) has found that Mercedes has used up to eight defeat devices in the catalytic converter and exhaust system of the E- class. These emission cheat devices were previously unknown and effectively reduced nitric oxide emissions by a substantial amount.

The Accusation

Mercedes emission scandal

The 2016 Mercedes E350d Estate

The report insists that the 2016 Mercedes E350d estate model’s OM642 diesel engine had six defeat devices connected to the car’s built-in SCR catalytic converter. Two other defeat devices were installed to the car’s exhaust gas recirculation system.

These manipulation devices could have misled the emissions tests in the laboratory. The report says that under normal conditions, the car, in particular, emits up to 500 percent more NOx than permitted levels.

One of the handling devices would have significantly reduced the amount of AdBlue injected, necessary to neutralize nitrogen oxides in the SCR catalytic converter.

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz had to recall nearly 800,000 GLC and C Class models in Europe due to the diesel gate scandal. Last year, the automaker had to shell out about $ 2.8 billion to resolve civil and environmental disputes over the company’s diesel engine emission controls in approximately 250,000 vehicles in the United States.

Nevertheless, many models were affected, including passenger cars, SUVs, and small vans with OM642 and OM651 engines. Here we include C-Class W203 and E-Class W211 from 2005 with OM642 engine, S-Class, R-Class, and E-Class 350 CDI with more powerful OM642 LS engine, C-Class W204 and W205 with OM651 engine from 2008.

Currently, automakers are shifting their lineup towards electric vehicles to support global warming and climate change. A reputed company like Mercedes tricking the authorities and consumers to sell vehicles is a shame. Let’s hope all automakers will learn from this situation and will produce vehicles that are harmless to the environment.

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