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Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series: AMG’s Fastest Sportscar

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series

AMG GmbH which started as a separate entity is now a Mercedes-Benz owned division. Started back in 1967, it was taken over completely by Diamler in 2005. To celebrate its 55th anniversary they have launched a special edition Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series. Only 55 examples of the limited edition car will be made available and will cost 3,69,000 before tax. 

When you hear the word AMG, the first thing that comes to mind is super-fast cars. They take the best car and make it even better. The brand has now introduced one such car that is going to boggle your mind. So let’s dive in for more details. 

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series 

To begin with, the GT Track Series is the most powerful sports car to be developed by the company yet. It is an extended version or it is based on the legendary Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. The Black Series is a high-performance track-focused car. The GT Track Series is a notch above it. The car is aimed at top-level performance, combining it with the racetrack qualities also underlining its high exclusivity by numerous technical and visual features. 

The Track Series is powered by an AMG 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo petrol engine producing 734 hp and 850 Nm of torque. This is the same engine as the Black Series but produces more torque. It is coupled to a Sequential AMG 6-speed competition gearbox only powers the rear wheels. The performance figures are not disclosed but it is expected to even be better than the Black series. 

The car just weighs 1,400 kg, thanks to the generous use of carbon fibre all over the car. The interior, bonnet, sills, back door, rear apron and wings are made of carbon fibre. You don’t have infotainment or an AC system because you can’t drive it on road. Yes, you read it right. This track-focused car is illegal to drive on normal roads. 

Every piece of its bodywork is there for a reason. The integrated louvres of the carbon wing provide high downforce on the front axle, the sills effectively cool the brakes, the radiator grille ensures optimum airflow, the rear wing improves downforce on the rear axle, The large air inlet on the bonnet guides the hot air out and the list keeps ongoing. 

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series Interior 

There are no comfort elements used inside the car. The steering wheel is exclusively developed for the car in collaboration with Cube Controls. The buttons on the wheel will assist the driver to adjust a wide range of car controls. The dashboard, the centre console and even the racing seats are made of carbon fibre. 

Safety is a high priority in this car that meets FIA (Formula 1) standards. The high tensile steel roll cage is bolted onto the aluminium space frame. The driver also gets a 5-point safety harness. A powerful motorsport fire extinguisher is integrated into the car that works with just a push of a button. 

The AMG GT Track Series is definitely one of a kind car that everyone dreams to have. Unfortunately only 55 lucky customers around the world can own one. So which other Mercedes-AMG model do you love to drive? Let us know in the comments. 


1. What does AMG stand for? 

AMG stands for Aufrecht Mecher Großaspach, names of the founders of Mercedes. 

2. Does only Mercedes-Benz have a separate performance division? 

Just like the Mercedes-AMG, BMW has M Sport, Audi has the RS and Volvo has the polestar high-performance division to tune their cars. 

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