Mercedes Benz has teased the upcoming Vision EQXX electric concept car which is likely to be launched by the end of the day. Mercedes had announced the arrival of the latest electric offering Vision EQXX last year. 

The German carmaker has released a new teaser of the luxury EV on Wednesday and it is speculated that the brand will unveil it during the “Strategy Update” session today. The event’s main focus is to implement Electric vehicles and to eliminate the internal combustion engines by the end of the decade. 

Mercedes has been very secretive about the car details and has not split out any specs or final design of the prototype. However, in the new teaser, the monochrome image of the upcoming car with a few design details have been revealed. 

What could we spot from the teaser? 

The front fascia looks very futuristic with a wide and low entrance. In the front, the Vision EQXX features a grille-less front, an illuminated strip that joins both the headlights and a large Mercedes logo on the ventilated hood. The silhouette reveals a sloping roof and a distinctive tail lamp and the overall car has been developed on the design styling of the AMG. 

The powertrain of the car was developed with the help of the High-Performance Powertrain Group of Mercedes which mainly focus on the development of powertrain and other technologies for their Formula One team. This suggests that the car is developed with the main focus on power, efficiency and endurance. 

The luxury EV also promises spectacular efficiency, during the brand’s 2020 strategy update presentation it was hinted that the car could travel from Beijing to Shanghai. The distance was approximately 750 miles (1207 km), on a single charge. These figures could make the EQXX the world’s most efficient electric car. 

The automotive future seems to be evolving and very exciting with new technologies. Companies have taken huge steps ahead to bring us such impressive machinery. The Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX definitely feels like something from the future which is filled with mind-blowing specs. Let us know what you think in the comments section.×576.jpg

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