German luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz to use non-fossil fuel steel to build its vehicles in the coming days. The luxury car brand announced a partnership with Swedish steel company SSAB on Wednesday.

Mercedes Benz and SSAB

The partnership is part of Mercedes Benz’s plan to become a sustainable, carbon-free luxury car brand that is in step with much of the global automotive industry. As part of this partnership, Mercedes Benz will use non-fossil steel supplied by SSAB for the production of prototype vehicles and bodies. The production of fossil fuel-free steel will begin next year.

On the other hand, SSAB plans to bring fossil fuel-free steel to the market on an industrial scale by 2026. The company says it will use the HYBRIT system to replace coking coal traditionally required to make steel from iron ore. Electricity and hydrogen will be used instead of coking coal.

Mercedes Benz aims to become completely carbon dioxide neutral in its various operations over the next two decades. The luxury carmaker expects its new passenger car fleet to be carbon neutral throughout its value chain by 2039.

Other cars to adopt similar initiatives

Interestingly, Mercedes Benz is not the first great car to try to make cars out of fossil fuel-free steel. In early June this year, the Swedish concern Volvo Cars also joined SSAB. Both companies are looking to explore the development of fossil fuel-free steel for use in the automotive industry.

As the two major automakers move towards sustainable manufacturing solutions, other vehicle manufacturers around the world are expected to follow suit in the near future.