Mercedes-Benz India has announced their Q3 2021 sales report. Its Q3 deliveries totaled 4,101 units, representing a 99 percent year-over-year increase. Mercedes India has reported one of its best quarterly sales performances to date.

Mercedes-Benz, a market leader in India’s luxury car market, unveiled 11 new models this year, including the A-Class Limousine and AMG performance vehicles. During the months of July to September, sales of the new Mercedes E-Class and GLC enhanced the company’s growth.

Mercedes-Benz India’s Q3 sales

Taking a look at Q3 sales over the last seven years, we can observe a continuous increase averaging roughly 3,000 units. This is with the exception of the 2020 timeframe, when the Covid-19 epidemic initially struck.

Q3 in 2015, sold 3,420 units. Q3 in 2016, fell to 3,327 units, then to 2,918 units in 2017. Sales rose to 3,808 units in Q3 2018, but declined to 3,354 units in Q3 2019, and then to 2,060 units in Q3 2020. The Q3 of 2021 had a 99.08 percent increase to 4,101 units. When looking at YTD revenue from January to September, it was clear that 2015 was the company’s strongest year yet.

The number of units sold climbed from 10,079 in January to September 2014 to 13,506 in the same months of 2015. Sales climbed from 9,924 units in 2016 to 11,869 units and 11,789 units in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Sales fell to 9,915 and 5,007 units in 2019 and 2020, respectively, but sales increased by 79 percent to 8,958 units in the January to September 2021 period.

Mercedes-Benz Sales Increase

In the period January to September 2021, Mercedes-Benz India received an equal demand of 48 percent for sedans and SUVs. The A-Class sedan, A-Class Limousine, E-Class, GLA, GLC FL, S-Class, and GLS Maybach were among the new Mercedes models that drove demand. While the AMG portfolio comprised the AMG A35, AMG GLA 35, AMG E53, AMG E63, and AMG GLE63 S. Apart from increased foot traffic to corporate showrooms, online sales grew in importance during the January to September 2021 period, with over 4.1 million visitors, a 20% penetration rate, and over 44,000 leads.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class CKD 2022

Mercedes-Benz anticipates a successful festive season, with new product launches planned for Q4 2021. Including the launch of the new S-Class on October 7, 2021. Sales typically peak during the auspicious seasons of Dussehra, Diwali, and Dhanteras. Depending on the market, the current waiting period for various models spans from 4 to 32 weeks. 

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Chakan, Pune, will assemble the new S-Class locally. The S-Class CBU is projected to cost between Rs 2.17 and Rs 2.19 crores, with the CKD version predicted to cost less. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class competes in the country against the Audi A8L and BMW 7 Series.

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