By 2025, Mercedes-Benz will offer an electric version of the G-Class. Since its debut in 1979, Mercedes’ iconic SUV has undergone some of the most radical mechanical changes ever. The EQG concept shown in Munich is a study that is close to production.

To be released in 2023, the Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept is a preview of the brand’s first electric SUV. 2021 will see the debut of Maybach’s Concept EQS at the Munich motor show, which will feature Maybach’s signature two-tone paint scheme and “first-class” rear seats. In addition, Mercedes-Benz is working on an EQS standard SUV. In the future, Maybach EQS SUVs are expected to travel 600km. The AMG EQS sedan’s 659hp and 949Nm electric drivetrain are expected to be used in the EQS. The standard Mercedes EQS SUV is expected to make its debut in 2019.


What’s new in the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG?

Mercedes Benz EQG

Image Source: BenzInsider

Mercedes-new Benz’s EQ line of electric cars will have a close visual resemblance to the current internal combustion-powered car, according to our sister publication Autocar UK. EQG Concept, a near-production study, was shown at the Munich Auto Show as a sneak peek.

An illuminated trim element replaces the front grille, and the spare wheel carrier is replaced by a storage box that looks like an electrical outlet. Additionally, the Concept EQG’s roof rack is equipped with a bright LED strip along its front edge to hint at the possibility of this electric G-Class taking on “demanding offroad adventures.” An uncompromising offroader, it is built on the same ladder-style chassis as the G-Class, with independent suspension up front, and a rigid axle at the back.

Mercedes-Maybach Concept EQS: Details

Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV concept

Image Source: CNET

In addition to the EQS and EQE sedans, the Mercedes-Benz-badged SUV will be the automaker’s third electric vehicle, with a range of “around 600km.” Es soll in einer EV-market segment, into which Maybach’s traditional rivals Bentley and Rolls-Royce haven’t yet entered, be positioned at the top.

As Philipp Schiemer, Mercedes-Benz’ Top End Vehicle Group’s Maybach and AMG performance division head, said, “The Concept EQS represents Mercedes-transformation Maybach’s from a tradition-rich luxury brand into a more progressive electric future.”In part, Maybach’s decision to switch from internal combustion engines to battery-electric powertrains is due to a shift in the company’s most expensive models’ customer base. Chinese, Russian, South Korean and US consumers are getting younger, and with that comes a change in the definition of luxury,” the company said in a statement.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG: battery and off-road capability 

Even Mercedes-Benz claims that an electric powertrain will improve the G-off-road Class’s ability. Four wheel-mounted motors provide power, while a two-speed gearbox provides low-range and high-range gearing.

For steep inclines and rough terrain as well as towing heavy loads, the EQG will have “enormous pulling power and controllability” thanks to the electric motors. As Mercedes-Benz has hinted, this quad-motor powertrain will be used in the production models.

Electric and off-road Mercedes-Benz EQG concept Due to its low centre of gravity, this ladder’s battery is integrated into the ladder’s framing system. The “legendary” Schöckl mountain testing track will be used to test the EQG prototype before its official unveiling. When it comes to the current W463-generation G-Class, it’s marketed as “Schöckl proved” because of its off-road capabilities.

In order to keep the EQG a secret, Mercedes-Benz hasn’t released any information about the EQG’s battery capacity, range and performance. AMG G63 with 577 horsepower and a 0-62kph time of 4.5 seconds is the most powerful and fastest version of the G-Class to date. He called the unveiling of the concept an important milestone in Mercedes-ongoing Benz’s electric vehicle rollout. With “convincing products,” he said, “we want to inspire our customers to make the switch to electric mobility.” “An icon like the G-Class is perfect for this.”

The body shell of the Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept SUV is identical to that of the standard EQS SUV

The Maybach EQS SUV will take a similar approach to the S-Class and GLS Maybach variants that have been released in recent years. Body-wise, it will be identical to the Benz donor model, but with some Maybach-centric design elements added. A newly designed black-panel grille, similar to Maybach’s chrome grille and vertical vents on today’s models, dominates the front.

There is a Mercedes-Benz star and a longitudinal trim strip in the middle of the bonnet, as well as Maybach lettering.

Aside from the front air ducts, side window frames, and B-pillars, chrome is used throughout the vehicle. There are running boards under the automatically opening doors, and aerodynamically optimised 24-inch wheels are housed in the spacious wheelhouse. Furthermore, there is a prominent roof-mounted spoiler and unique tail-light graphics. On the Munich show car, a chrome pinstripe separated Obsidian Black and Zircon Red metallic paint.

Electric powertrain details for the Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept

In order to achieve this, the Concept EQS uses Mercedes’ new MB.EA platform for EVs. Reports suggest that the production version will use a powertrain similar to the recently announced AMG EQS 53 sedan, with a pair of electric motors that together develop around 659hp and 949Nm of torque. The production version is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2019.

Electric car lineup from Mercedes for India

In October of last year, Mercedes made its first foray into the luxury EV market in India with the all-electric EQC SUV. The new EQS sedan, which is expected to debut in early 2022, will be the company’s next EV for India. However, a Maybach EQS SUV could be considered for an India launch, even though the company has yet to comment on the matter.

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