Mercedes Benz India has just decided to launch Marketplace, a new online platform for buying and selling used cars. Mercedes claims it is a “direct customer to customer” forum that aims to increase transparency and simplify the process of buying and selling used cars.

What Is The Mercedes Marketplace

Mercedes’ latest online platform, Marketplace, aims to facilitate the sale and purchase of used cars. Customers can now sell their pre-owned vehicles directly through Marketplace, which builds on the brand’s existing digital shop and certified pre-owned collection. Customers can also sign up for Marketplace in person at a Mercedes dealership near them.

Mercedes has a much larger inventory of used cars on Marketplace, which benefits pre-owned car buyers in terms of choice and variety.

How Does It Function

Mercedes owners who want to sell their used cars on Marketplace can do so by selecting either the ‘Sell your Car’ tab – which is for selling the car only – or the ‘Trade-in’ tab – which is for selling the car and upgrading to a new Mercedes. They only need to fill in the relevant details of their vehicle once the tab has been selected. Mercedes then takes care of the car’s evaluation, finding potential buyers, setting up test drives, and even ensuring that the buyer and seller’s transactions are completed.

Pre-owned car buyers benefit from Mercedes’ evaluation and facilitation of the car’s purchase, which includes organizing the paperwork and transaction, making the process less complicated and time-consuming.

Impact of Mercedes Marketplace

Mercedes claims that its used car business has a 20 percent online penetration rate, which it expects to increase to 30 percent with the launch of Marketplace. The automaker also claims that the new platform will benefit its franchise partners, with potential growth opportunities for both new car (through trade-in) and pre-owned car sales.


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