MG Motor is all ready to bring an all-electric sports car the Cyberster to celebrate its 100th anniversary. This new model reflects the brand’s racing heritage and help attract younger audience. MG was acquired by the Chinese state-owned SAIC and has an SUV focused lineup. The new model will help the brand diversify its portfolio.

More about MG Cyberster concept

MG CybersterMG is cooking an affordable two-seater roadster BEV, with similar dimensions as ICE-powered Mazda Miata/MX-5. The production model of the Cyberster concept will be the successor to the discontinued MG sports car from the British automaker, the MG TF.

MG CybersterCarl Gotham, design head at MG UK, said that the Cyberster is a “hugely exciting concept for the designers, describing sportscars as the lifeblood of the MG DNA”. Moreover, they added that the roadster will come in a futuristic design styling without abandoning the brand’s heritage. Also, Build on its “cutting-edge technology” and “advanced design”.

Furthermore, the production model will see significant changes in several design elements such as the futuristic lighting units, the massive wheels, the protruding aero components, and the tech-filled interior. 

Similarly, the high power figures like the 800 km (497 miles) range and the sub-3 second acceleration from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) might not be achievable by the pocket-friendly production model.

MGs progress

MG is one of the leading makers of Modern, safe and value for money family cars. Moreover, the brand sold over 52,000 cars across Europe last year. In fact, the company plans to triple its figures by the end of this year. And reach 100 global markets by 2024. MG has a few midsize SUVs in its India lineup. Furthermore, MG will be bringing out a new facelift model of ZS EV the car maker’s only electric vehicle in the Indian market

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