If you are an auto enthusiast, you definitely know about the ongoing shortage of chips in the country. Moreover, carmakers are discontinuing certain non-essential features temporarily due to this shortage. An impact on the sales of cars is avoided due to this as it is inconvenient for customers. MG Motor is one of the many brands that has been impacted by the semiconductor shortage in India. Certain features of the MG Hector and the Hector Plus will be temporarily disabled. Scroll down to know which features are being removed.

Temporarily Disabled MG Hector Features

Some features including the auto tailgate swipe sensor, subwoofer and amplifier have been temporarily removed from both the Hector and Hector Plus models. The subwoofer and amplifier do come in the Sharp and Smart trims of the MG Hector and 6-seater Hector Plus. For 7-seater Hector Plus, they are available in Smart and Select trims only. The auto tailgate swipe sensor is offered on the Sharp trim of the 6-seater Hector Plus model only. 

These are non-essential features so it may not be much of a bother. Besides, these features will be enabled again once semiconductors are more available in the markets and the shortage reduces.

Semiconductor Shortage to Continue

Even though the shortage existed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the pandemic situation has eased in the country, the shortage is still affecting different parts of the world. There are still many active Covid cases across, so the semiconductor shortage is expected to continue till 2023 at the least. There are many efforts being taken to bring up new manufacturing units, but the situation may still take a while to normalise. 

Other than the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war has also been impacting the supply of auto components to the country. Both Russia and Ukraine are major players in the exports of raw materials used in semiconductor chips. Russia deals in palladium, which is used in sensor chips. Whereas, Ukraine exports Neon gas which is used for the manufacturing of semiconductors. 

If the pandemic or the war continues for longer, then there could be a major shortage of parts. Some carmakers like Hyundai and Mahindra have reported a production loss because of the current shortage in chips and auto parts. 

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