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More than 400 Tata Nexon EV shipments retained in Maharashtra

Tata Nexon EV

The electric vehicle policy recently announced by the Maharashtra government has doubled the number of visitors to Tata Nexon EV, but problems with the implementation of the subsidy at the dealer level are causing delays. There is a big delay in the delivery of cars.

Why the delay?

According to sources, the state government is yet to start implementing the EV Policy, which includes notifying individual manufacturers and creating a separate portal for them to apply for subsidies. Thus, although the customers wanted discounted vehicles and Tata Motors wanted to deliver the vehicle to them, delivery was not possible due to the mentioned problem. 

How were the customers affected?

Certain Nexon EV variants such as XM, XZ + (White, Teal-Blue and Silver) are eligible for the newly introduced Maharashtra EV Allowance, dealers say. The supply of these options is currently on hold due to the manufacturer’s inability to pass the subsidy benefits to customers.

It was said that the manufacturer has built over 400 Nexon electric vehicles, but they have not yet been shipped or delivered. Nexon EV Lux and Black Editions are not eligible for the above subsidy and are therefore available for shipping.

How much is the price cut?

For electric four-wheelers registered before December 31, 2021, the policy offers a base incentive of Rs 5,000 per kWh of vehicle battery capacity, with a maximum incentive of Rs 1.50 lakh. Buyers will also be eligible for early booking offers (when purchasing a vehicle before December 31, 2021). This means that buyers of eligible Neon EV variants will receive a discount of Rs 2.5 lakh (1.5 lakh subsidy and Rs 10,000) on an early booking promotion, reducing the cost of the car by a wide margin.

Dealers inform us that a large number of customers have changed their bookings from the Nexon EV Lux and Nexon EV Black versions from higher to medium because higher options are not enough. Eligibility for subsidies, which greatly increases the price gap between them. 

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