Maintaining a vehicle is an everyday task. You never know when a problem would occur so it is very important to ensure a fit and healthy car. But no matter how hard you try, car breakdown problems are unavoidable and thus it is important to stay alert and aware at all times. 


It is also very important to understand your machine so that in case you face any common car breakdown problems you can decide whether to stay back and attempt a fix or call someone for help. We, at Pitstop, emphasize that our customers understand the basics in case of an emergency before we dive in to offer the best car service in Bangalore. Today let’s look at some of the main causes of car breakdowns.

1. Battery Problem

The most common cause of a  car breakdown is a faulty battery. Leaving the lights on overnight or a short circuit are some common reasons for a faulty or drained battery and occur mostly during the winters. With a faulty battery starting the car can be a challenge and you will have to get it tested. 


Another battery problem is a flat battery which occurs when the battery completely drains out. Recharging the battery is necessary in this case. This usually happens when the car has been standing idle for too long.

2. Faulty Alternator

In continuation of our first point, the alternator is a very important part of the entire car mechanism and is also a common cause of a car breakdown. The battery powers the motor which helps the car is running and in turn, the alternator charges the battery. 


If the alternator is broken, the battery won’t charge and will soon end up drying out. With a faulty alternator, it is impossible to even push start the car because battery charging is the alternator’s job and with a dead battery the car will not power up.

3. Starter Motor Problem

Ever heard the screeching when turning on the engine? Or a simple click and nothing else? Well, these are the give-away signs of a broken starter motor. While the click might also hint at a poor battery, it is important to keep a note of these points. 

 It is a popular candidate in the list of main causes of car breakdowns and comes with no deadline. A starter motor might run without any problems for 200,000 Kms or it could start creating trouble after 30,000 km and there isn’t really much you can do apart from being preventive and careful.

4. Damaged Clutch Wire

Manual cars are dependent on the clutch for transmission and running. Any damage would affect the overall performance and a broken wire would make it impossible to run the car. Regular check-ups and lubrication of the clutch wire should do the trick. 

If you feel the clutch differently i.e. it feels harder than usual or it isn’t resting at its usual position, chances are the clutch wire has been damaged and if not acted upon could even lead to breakage. Hence it is crucial to keep a check on the functioning of the clutch and know when it needs replacement.


Faulty Cylinder Head Gasket


A leaking head gasket is a major car breakdown problem and will need some intensive engine work to repair. The most common sign is the elevating temperature gauge. 

 If you see the temperature gauge rising and the warning light coming up, park the car and allow the engine to cool off. This usually happens due to a lack of coolant or engine oil and is marked with white smoke coming out of the exhaust. While the problem can occur at any time, a well-serviced car reduces the chances of leaking a head gasket.

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