The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways announced new safety rules for two-wheelers with child passengers below the age of four. The new traffic rules mandate the use of helmets and harness belts for children of this age group. Moreover, two-wheelers carrying children under the age of 4 should not exceed the speed limit of 40 kmph. 

More about the new child safety rules

Amendments were made to the Central Motor Vehicles Act to ensure child safety.  This includes new safety rules to increase safety measures for children below 4 years. The new amendment includes safety measures such as the use of a harness to attach the child to the adult. Furthermore, this safety harness should have a load-bearing capacity of 30 kg, and it must be waterproof, cushioned, and lightweight. The child should be secured with a safety harness throughout the entire ride.  

Also, The ministry stated child pillion passengers must wear crash helmets or bicycle helmets until the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) provides further specifications on child safety helmets. Additionally, the new rule restricts two-wheeler riders to exceeding the safe speed limit of 40 kmph when travelling with child passengers.

The new rules will come to effect one year after the publication of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 2022 (Second Amendment). Furthermore, any violation of the new traffic rules will result in a three-month suspension of the driver’s license and a penalty of ₹1000/-. 

Travelling in two-wheelers is risky when compared to other modes of transport. In a country like India with millions of two-wheelers on the road, it was a great initiative from the government to bring out new safety rules for children. Always remember to wear your helmets and follow the traffic rules to stay safe and keep your fellow riders safe. 


1. Is it okay for an adult to have two child passengers on a two-wheeler?

A person should not carry more than one child on a two-wheeler. It is against road safety rules.

2. Are there special helmets for children?

Yes. Many companies are making small helmets for children. Always check for ISI safety marks while purchasing a new helmet.

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