Hyundai launched the i20 model which is arguably the most popular in the Indian market. With the i20, Hyundai created the premium hatchback segment in 2014. With each generation update, Hyundai has always attempted to push the envelope further. Since then, Finally, Hyundai has confirmed that the driving and performance-oriented i20 N Line will be available in 2021. This is fantastic news for car enthusiasts everywhere. As a result, it’s unclear what the differences will be between the standard i20 turbo petrol vs the N-Line variant, which will also be turbo petrol. 

Hyundai i20 N-line vs i20 Turbo Specs Comparison

While both hatchbacks will be powered by a 1.0-litre direct-injection turbo petrol engine, the N-Line will have some key mechanical changes to improve driving dynamics. The N-Line version of the i20 is designed to make enthusiastic driving accessible to everyone. To help with high-speed stability and cornering control, the i20 N-Line will have a slightly different suspension setup. The exhaust step could also be tweaked to create a sporty exhaust note that puts the driver in the zone. The steering feedback will be changed to give the driver more confidence while driving aggressively.

The regular i20 turbo petrol is also the segment’s most powerful vehicle. In fact, it has more power than some of the compact SUVs available in our market. A regular driver will not notice any differences between the turbo and non-turbo versions of the i20. However, the mechanical changes will not be sufficient to support a sporty drive around the block. Both of these models will be available with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DCT gearbox.

Hyundai i20 N-line vs i20 Turbo: Exterior Comparison

While the overall silhouettes of both cars will be similar, Hyundai will make significant changes to the exterior to differentiate the two. According to Hyundai’s official images, the i20 N-Line will have sportier bumpers, a distinct front grille, N-Line badging on various body parts, different tyre and alloy designs, new paint schemes, body cladding, and a twin exhaust pipe with chrome finish. These features will set the aggressive i20 apart from the standard model.

Hyundai i20 N-line vs i20 Turbo: Interiors and Features

Essentially, the two will have the same overall layout. Hyundai is also including a few N-Line-specific interior features that will help customers distinguish between the two models. The N-Line variant will have red stitching on the upholstery, possibly on the dashboard or central console, seatbelts, and door panels, in addition to an all-black interior. As soon as a passenger enters the cabin, he or she will be able to tell which Hyundai i20 variant they are in.

Comparison of Prices

The cost will be the most significant difference between the Hyundai i20 turbo petrol and the N-Line. Although Hyundai has not revealed the price of the i20 N-Line, we expect it to cost nearly Rs 1 lakh more than the top-of-the-line i20 turbo. The top-of-the-line Hyundai i20 costs Rs 11.40 lakh ex-showroom. As a result, the N-Line version of the i20 could cost around Rs 12.50 lakh ex-showroom.

Final Verdict

If you enjoy driving and have been disappointed by other hot-hatches on the market because they all place too much emphasis on performance rather than features, the i20 N-Line could be the vehicle for you. Also, if you don’t mind spending a little more on the regular turbo petrol variant, you’ll get a lot more equipment and a much better and more exciting ride than the standard version. If you don’t want to drive briskly all of the time and would rather have comfort over performance, saving the Rs 1 lakh premium is the best option for you. We hope that this comparison of the i20 turbo and the N-Line provided you with the information you needed.

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