Tata Motors is no stranger to special editions, and the domestic automaker has had a fair amount of success with various special editions, such as camouflage and dark series and NRG. And the latest update is that the company is planning to launch many more of these special editions.

Tata motor’s say on special editions

Martin Uhlarik, Head of Global Design at Tata Motors made his statement recently regarding the launch of the fresh designs. He said that the design team is already on board with working on a number of new designs. Although he didn’t stress on a particular time frame, he indicated that the world will see them “ far more quickly than what we would expect ”. 

Although he did not specify what they will be, Uhlarik said that the new version will maintain a dynamic and exciting theme because he believes that the Indian market needs it.

Except for some brand new things, we can confidently look forward to the addition of the Dark Edition series. Vivek Srivatsa, head of marketing for the automotive department, in a presentation at Tiago NRG pointed out that the company is also open to Dark NRG edition. 

In addition to these special editions, Uh​​larik said, we will see an accelerated evolution of the company’s design language. The design concepts of Tata Impact and Impact 2.0 serve the company well and are undoubtedly one of the key factors in the revival of Tata. After HBX, Tata Motors has had many new products recently, and Tata Motors can count on no all-new products for two years. Therefore, these special editions will also help companies maintain the freshness of their existing product lines and stay longer in the eyes of consumers.

Martin said that since evolution must not only stay in touch with social and cultural trends, but also with the new conditions that will be brought about by new platforms such as EV’s. he sees this in the future.