The road ministry has set up new draft rules which specify the requirement of tyres of cars, buses and trucks. The tyres should meet the requirements of rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling sound emissions. According to the Ministry, this move is aimed at ensuring the quality and reliability of the tires.

These norms come into effect from the 1st of October,2021 and for existing vehicles come into effect from the 1st of October, 2022. 

The new tyre norms: MoRTH

The ministry tweeted:

 “MoRT&H has issued a draft notification proposing that the tyres of cars, buses & trucks shall meet the requirements of rolling resistance, wet grip & rolling sound emissions, as specified in Stage-II of the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS) 142:2019, amended from time to time,”

The Ministry said that the rolling resistance of the tyre has an effect on the fuel efficiency of the car. It also said that wet grip affects the braking performance of the car tyres in wet conditions and that rolling sound emission is emitted due to the contact between the tyres and road surface when the car is in motion.

The Ministry also said:

“The standard shall align the tyre performance with regard to their sound emissions, rolling resistance and adhesion performance on wet surfaces (wet adhesion) with the Stage-II limits of European regulations. This will also enable the user to make an informed decision,”

Similar norms were brought into effect in 2016 in Europe which focused on increasing the fuel efficiency of the car as well as improve the performance of the vehicles on road.

The Ministry also stated that they are open to suggestions. This is another new draft filed by the government following various other changes that were formed to improve the automotive industry and automotive experience in the country in the recent past. 

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