The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has issued new guidelines for all toll plaza across the country which says No Toll if the queue is longer than 100 meters. This has to do with the minimum waiting time at the toll plaza, says NHAI. It is also making sure the fee process time at the toll plaza is also reduced, which could also be the reason for long queues. 

After the introduction of FASTag, the electronic toll processing system waiting period at tolls have been drastically reduced. This is to ensure that there is no traffic congestion at toll plazas, but also to save fuel in the process says NHAI. 

What is in the new Guidelines from NHAI? 

  1. To ensure there is no traffic congestion, NHAI marks a yellow line in every plaza. 
  2. The vehicle queue is not to be crossed at any time. If so the cars in front are allowed to pass without any fee. 
  3. NHAI also want the toll plazas to ensure the processing time is less than 10 seconds at peak hours. 
  4. If you are stuck in a fault system at any toll, the no-fee norms will apply in this case as well. 

FASTag’s have reduced the waiting time in tolls to a certain amount and NHAI wants it to be reduced even further. It has emphasised building the new toll plazas with a new design to incorporate an effective toll collection system. NHAI also confirms that the COVID-19 protocols like social distancing have forced many people to opt for electronic toll payment system to ensure contactless transaction.

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