If you’re someone that loves the Vintage models and is planning to own one, we’re here to give you all the facts that might come handy throughout your experience. 

The introduction of the scrappage policy in India had worried some of the vintage automobile owners. After adhering to some of the public comments on excluding classic cars or bikes from the scrappage policy the government has introduced a new policy. 

The vintage automobiles have been given an exception from this and are mandated to get special registration plates from the authorities. 

What is considered as ‘Vintage’? 

Any automobile, car or bike that are over 50 years old will be considered a vintage vehicle in India. As per the draft the automobile has to be at least 50 years older than the original date of registration. 

The registration process 

As per the new policy, vintage vehicles need a re-registration under proper authorities. The application for registration or re-registration shall be made as per form 20 and the owner has to provide a valid car insurance policy, the old registration service (if the vehicle is registered in India), or a bill of entry (for imported vehicles).

The owner has to pay an amount of Rs. 20,000/- for the new registration certificate which is valid for a period of 10 years. 

Thereafter an additional Rs. 5,000/- has to be paid for the renewal of the registration which is valid for 5 years. 

The ministry has agreed to retain the old numbers for the already registered vehicles but has introduced a new format for new registrations. 

It goes like this, ” YY VA ZZ **** ” the YY stands for the state code, VA is the new introduction which stands for  vehicle, ZZ is the two-letter series and **** will be the 4 digit number assigned by the respective authority. 

Conditions for the use of Vintage vehicles 

Unlike normal vehicles, vintage vehicles are not allowed for regular use. They are to be driven only on special occasions such as technical research, taking part in a vintage car rally, refuelling and maintenance. 

Also, the new rules forbid the use of vintage vehicles for commercial purposes. Meaning that the vintage vehicles are not to be rented for occasions like marriage. 

“ These are not like cars plying on roads. They are maintained by collectors and owners as a passion and hobby. The policy will reflect that and India will finally have an ecosystem that defines and maps vintage cars “ mentioned a government official. 

The petitions by various vintage car enthusiasts and associations have been answered and have given a sigh of relief. But the new draft doesn’t mention anything about classic or modern classic vehicles that are younger than 50 years. 

There is nothing to worry about for now since the scrappage policy is voluntary and not mandatory. 

At the end of the day, Vintage car models have the most stylish designs and are really cool to own! They do not come with a lot of complications and look elite to drive around the city. 

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