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Paint Protection Film: Everything you need to know

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film has several names, the most common being PPF and “transparent bra”. This wonderful material is an easily malleable and even self-healing thermoplastic urethane film, making it the perfect protective film for automotive paint. Once applied, the paint protection film is invisible to the naked eye while protecting your vehicle from unsightly scratches and dents, damaging the overall aesthetics of your car.

Another huge benefit of the PPF is that it protects your car from the sun. Over time, the sun and UV rays can oxidize and discolor your car paint. however, Paint Protection Film acts as a protective layer between the sun and the paint to prevent fading.

Self Healing

Paint Protection Films are self-healing. Vehicles get multiple minor and major scratches over time, and these are hard to avoid. anything and everything from unclean fabrics to naughty kids keying can ruin the delicate paint of cars. Paint protection films can do wonders when it comes to these minor scratches blowing hot air or pouring hot water will restore the film into its original form.

Quick application

Getting a paint protection film is just like getting your ride wrapped. Experienced professionals can cover an entire car within a day.

Another advantage of paint protection films is that it is stuck on different panels. If the film is damaged the film on a single panel has to be replaced.

Chemical damage

Chemicals can easily damage the nice-looking paint job of cars. Chlorine in water, acid from different sources, and acid rains. Even cleaning products can have a negative effect if they are of poor quality. PPF acts as a cover/barrier which prevents the paint from getting exposed to these harmful substances. 


Paint protection films can last up to 10 years. High-quality films can protect cars from small scratches and keep the car looking brand new for a long time. This also helps in increasing the resale value of cars.


PPF coating can be an expensive investment but when we look at the advantages, it is worth every penny. Paint Protection Films are durable and can protect the paint from multiple factors. Spending some money on PPF will keep your car new and help you get better deals when you want to sell it. 

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