In the good old days, to understand a man, people looked at his shoes. In 2021, the condition of a car tells about the car owner’s attachment with it. This article tells you everything you need to know about Automotive paints and coatings. 

Longevity of the car of your dreams

A well-maintained car with spic and span exteriors and intact paint coatings is a visual treat to the car owners and passengers. Car coatings and automotive paints not only enhance the outer look but they do give the required protection from various external agents and increase the lifespan of the car. These factors also increase the resale value of the car.

Best Car denting painting services in Pune 

Trusted Pitstop with your car-care requirements? You can be assured that your car of dreams is in safe hands. Pitstop in Pune provides the best car painting services with high-performance Nippon paint. This provides strength and increases the lifespan of your car. 

Why Nippon Automotive paints is required for your car painting services?

Car denting and painting

Pitstop only uses Hi-Performance Nippon Automotive paints

Nippon Paint is the proud owner of titles like Asia’s No.1 paint and coatings manufacturer. They are relentlessly working for the last 140 years with the latest subject matter expertise. The car painting solutions in Pune from Pitstop give high-performance coating and finish. It is recognized by major OEMs globally in the automotive refinish industry.

Pitstop special car denting painting service-Must try for every car owner in Pune!

Pitstop's Automotive paints promise

Pitstop’s promise for Body repair and paint service

Car paint repair cost in Pune is not a worry anymore. Car denting painting within your budget, with the cutting-edge and pocket-friendly Japanese Solutions employed by Nippon Automotive paints. Committed to on-time delivery services, adherence to worldwide standards make Pitstop a one-stop shop for all your Car denting painting services in Pune.

  • Use of latest technology and equipment
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer graded clears, tints, and bases
  • Pitstop-trained and certified painters and technicians 
  • Quality assurance from Nippon Paints
  • 4 layers of paint for all kinds of car painting services in Pune

Are you looking for the exact color match for your car painting in Pune?

Automotive paints

Pitstop’s advanced equipment provides the exact color match

We do understand the color-mismatch concern of car owners. It is just like a baby to them, the car-owners can’t bear any carelessness towards their baby. Pitstop will take care of the perfect match that becomes one with your car’s body color. Using spectrophotometer technology, we will find the perfect match for your car without a chance of non-uniformity.

Is full body paint the only option to get your car painted in Pune?

We understand car paint repair in Pune can be a nightmare for car owners. Pitstop brings packages that are meant exclusively for the treatment needed. Apart from the full-body car denting painting packages, the front, rear, left, right, and the roof is the other options. 

Car paint repair cost and warranty in Pune- No more a thing to worry about!

Pitstop provides unmatched product quality that reduces downtime at the garage. Our body repair packages come with a 6 months warranty on paint works. The Body Repair Packages at Pitstop are priced as per the gravity of the service offered. The car denting costs for any car dents that have been detected during the diagnosis work is charged separately. 

No time to drop your car at our partner workshop? Let Pitstop shoulder the task!

Pitstop will take care of all your car denting painting needs in Pune. We are just a call away. Book our service and we will pick and deliver your car to your doorstep without any additional charges.


Cars owners invest a lot of time and money in deciding to buy a car. It is just like nurturing a baby and seeing it grow for them. Every decision towards the maintenance of the car matters. The well-being and upkeep of the car are of utmost importance. Every single step like choosing the body repair services, revival services should be taken after doing a thorough research and choosing the best car body repair services.

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