With the new virus surrounding us all, we are taking many precautions like wearing masks, lockdown, Social distancing, Self-isolation, quarantine, and mainly sanitization. Even in the lockdown, there are few people out there who need to leave the house. We are doing everything we could to prevent the virus. You may sanitize yourself well, what about your car? Don’t you think it’s time to sanitize your car? Which is exposed to all kinds of dirt, bacteria, moulds, germs, and viruses?  So, Pitstop is giving you the solution by providing you with the service-Permagard Car deep cleaning.

What exactly is Permagard Car Deep Cleaning?

Pitstop’s Permagard Cleaning is the service that helps to disinfect the germs, mews, and viruses. These things can easily enter your house and infect you all. This service is generally done in the flu season to avoid all those contagious diseases. 

There is a special pack called AC disinfection and interior Sanitization that comes with two services: Interior Germ cleaning and Sanitization-Ac disinfection, which eliminates all germs and bacteria. In this special pack, the technicians disinfect the car’s steering wheel, AC vent, upholstery, and trims with a three, months warranty. It makes you feel the journey is healthy and safe.

What all is included?

Other things include the interior sanitization, in particular, cleaning the headliner, removing the stains, vacuum cleaner, De-stink the interior, removing the dirt and grains on the leather of the seats, Slide seats forward and cleaning out the junk, Deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery, cleaning the windows including top edges, Brush out air vents, clean nooks, and crannies.

The services list that is included in Permagard cleaning is Interior vacuum cleaning, Interior Foam Cleaning and Disinfection, AC Filter Cleaning and Sanitisation, AC Vent Cleaning and Disinfection, Dashboard Foam Wash and Disinfection, Door Pads Foam Wash and Disinfection, Roof Lining Foam Wash, and Disinfection, Floor Mats Foam Wash and Disinfection, Seat Scrubbing With Foam and Disinfection, Carpet Scrubbing, Disinfection, and Cleaning, Glass Shampooing and Cleaning, Vehicle Current Condition is Diagnosed and Reported, and also Engine Scanning and Reporting.

Who will be performing the Permagard car deep cleaning on my car?

Pitstop certified Mechanic

Pitstop Certified Mechanic

Only a mechanic or technician with well knowledge and experience in the Pitstop can proceed with your car service. The products we choose for the service are the most trustable brand, Permagard, which partnered with Pitstop. These products are 100% safe to use for kids and adults. The Permagard antimicrobial shield protection lasts for 10-12 months.

So, now you have learned about Permagard Cleaning, why don’t you get the service to protect yourself and your loved ones? We recommend you Permagard cleaning. Pitstop offers you many services, including the Permagard car deep cleaning. We acknowledge your concerns for your safety and provide you with the service in 180 minutes at your door itself.