We at Pitstop know the importance of time and we don’t want you to spend it on your car service. Also, with the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions in some places, it is not safe for you to travel around. So Pitstop has introduced Garage@Apartment, where expert technicians with industry grade equipment are sent to your apartment where they fix your car in no time. Pitstop provides you with a variety of services that can be completed at your apartment doorstep, and the list of services is mentioned below. 

Complete car service

Regular Car service is important to keep your car running at its best. So we recommend you to get your car serviced according to the manufacturer-recommended service schedule, for some, it is 6 months or 10,000 km or a year or 15,000 km whichever comes first.  

Pitstop Garage@Apartment

Pitstop Garage@Apartment

In Pitstop complete car service we drain and replace the engine oil, oil filter and air filter, coolant and brake oil are topped up, cabin AC filter is cleaned, brake pads are removed, cleaned and placed back, then comes the exterior Eco-wash, interior Vacuum cleaning, dashboard and tyre polishing, and finally, the vehicle’s current condition is diagnosed and the engine is scanned and reported. 

Oil change service

A car engine is a complex machine made of a lot of moving parts that overheats because of friction. Also, sludge is a common development in a car engine. Lubrication is very necessary to overcome such problems and to make sure the engine runs smoothly. 

Air Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Cleaning

In Pitstop’s Oil change service, we drain the engine oil and replace it with new oil, replace the oil filter, clean the air filter, top up the windshield wiper fluid, Vehicle condition is diagnosed and reported, the engine is scanned and reported. 

AC disinfection and interior sanitization

AC vents are exposed to dust, debris and they often tend to clog, reducing the working efficiency of the AC. Also, the AC vents and the entire cabin surfaces are a perfect place for germs and bacteria to infest. So regular sanitization and disinfectants kill all the microbes and keep the cabin tidy and healthy.

In Pitstop’s AC disinfection service we clean the AC filter, the AC vents and cleansed with spray foam which kills all the microbes and the cabin is sanitized with a refreshing fragrance. Interior sanitization includes vacuum cleaning the cabin, dashboard dressing, foam washing the door pads and roof lining, cleaning the floor mats, seats are scrubbed with foam and sanitized and finally, all the glass surfaces are shampooed and cleaned. 

Pitstop Revive pack

Revive pack is something that comes in handy when your car is stranded for a long time. The reason being the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced you to stay indoors for months. It is better to check your car’s condition before you start using it and Pitstop’s Revive pack is the best option. It covers all the necessary inspections needed to make sure your cars fit to drive again. 

The service includes AC disinfection and sanitization, Interior sanitization, Exterior Eco wash, battery check, check tyres for puncture and proper air pressure, complete inspection of some mechanical parts and top up of all necessary fluids and oils. 

Battery replacement

The battery is like the central power hub for your vehicle which helps in cranking the engine initially and makes sure there is a steady flow of charge for all electrical components to work properly. To avoid unexpected breakdowns which could happen on a very important day, we need to keep an eye on the battery and change it whenever necessary. On average, a car battery lasts 3 to 5 years depending on the manufacturer, usage and maintenance. 

Battery replacement service is easy and takes less time to complete. Pitstop’s battery replacement involves removing the old battery, installing the new battery, functionality check, vehicle current condition is diagnosed and reported, engine scanning and reporting. 

Battery health checkup

A car battery usually works fine from 3 to 5 years depending on the type of battery and the use. To make sure the battery serves its purpose completely regular checkups are necessary. The terminals could be corroded because of the electrolyte and acid inside. The electrolyte level could have reduced. 

In Pitstop’s battery, health check-up service the battery terminals are cleaned, the level of electrolyte is checked, the condition and charge of the battery are checked, vehicle condition is diagnosed and the engine is scanned and reported. 

Car Fitments 

A car fitment service is basically to remove the damaged part and install the new part at your apartment. Such services should not take more than an hour, depending on the type of parts being replaced. There is a list of components that can be replaced or fitted at your apartment doorstep, the front wiper blades, battery replacement, Headlight Assembly, Tail Light assembly, Horn replacement, Front windshield replacement, Rear windshield replacement, Brake Pads replacement.  

The steps involved in a Pitstop fitment service for all the above-listed components are the same. It includes the removal of the old part, installation of the new part, functionality check, Vehicle current condition is diagnosed and the engine is scanned and reported. 

AC gas top-up

Car AC Gas Topup

Car AC Gas Topup | Pitstop Garage@Apartment

A proper functioning AC system needs a sufficient amount of AC gas among others. The summers which are getting hotter every day are very hard to tackle nowadays without a fully functioning AC system. Maintain a sufficient amount of AC gas in your car for better working of the AC. 

In Pitstop’s AC gas top-up service we will have a complete inspection of the AC, the AC filter is cleaned, AC gas is topped up sufficiently, vehicle current condition is diagnosed and reported and finally, the engine is scanned and reported. 

Water-less Eco wash

Some people never care about their car, it is not the right way to treat your car. Car is a huge investment and we need to look after it, especially on the outside. When the car is washed regularly it looks neat, puts you in a good mood to drive it and washes away the dirt, pollen, deceased bugs etc off the surface. 

Pitstop’s Water-less Eco wash includes eco washing of complete exterior including all glasses, interior floor vacuuming, tyre and dashboard polishing, vehicle current condition is diagnosed and reported, the engine is scanned. 

Pre-owned car inspection

Buying a used car could get tricky if you don’t know what to look for and you may end up paying more. It is hard to just tell the condition of a car by looking at it, the process is deep. There could be internal damages that are hard to tell by just driving, you need an expert’s inspection and expertise. 

Car Inspection

Car Inspection | Pitstop Garage@Apartment

Pitstop’s pre-owned car inspection will make your job easy and help you to know about the car better and decide the correct price for it. The service involves diagnosing the vehicles current condition and reporting, engine scanning and reporting, dashboard lights are checked for any faulty signs, tyres integrity is checked, brake pads, rotor and disc in inspected, all fluids are checked, battery and electrical check, AC check, clutch check, suspension check, all glasses and mirrors are checked for cracks, body panels are inspected for corrosion and damages. 

Express check-up

For an everyday short distance commute, you don’t have to worry about your car’s health. Regular service will work fine. But when you want to travel a long distance for work or vacation with family it is important to check your car for its roadworthiness. Car breakdowns could be tiresome, irritating and sometimes dangerous. 

Pitstop’s express check-up includes checking the levels of all fluids, check the tyre pressure, balancing and alignment, electricals like battery, headlight, taillight, turn indicators, reverse light, horn and wiper are checked, brakes pads are checked for fading, suspension check, vehicle current condition is diagnosed and reported. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Pitstop Garage@Apartment!