Car maintenance is important for keeping it in good condition and making sure everything is working fine. People often fail to service their cars on time for many reasons, it could be because they are busy at work, or the service station is far from their place, some people just neglect it or it could be because of the pandemic and they are scared of getting infected. To put you out of your worries Pitstop has now brought ‘Garage@Apartment’. We will bring the garage right to your doorstep to make it hassle-free and convenient for you. All necessary equipment is carried to complete the service at your apartment. 

What exactly is Pitstop Garage@Apartment?

We know the importance of time and we don’t want you to spend it on your car service. So Pitstop has introduced Garage@Apartment, where expert technicians with industry grade equipment are sent to your apartment where they fix your car in no time. All you need to do is to visit our website or app and book the necessary service for your car. 

For your safety, we check our technician’s body temperature every day and we make sure they wear a mask and follow proper sanitization norms before servicing your car. Pitstop also offers a free car sanitiser worth Rs. 249 with all services at your apartment. We also have a 100% labour off on the complete car service until 31st of July. All you have to do is book the complete car service and use the promo code: ‘MYGARAGE’. 

Pitstop Garage@Apartment

Pitstop Garage@Apartment

What car services are offered at your apartment?

Pitstop provides 4 different types of services at your apartment. All the services are done at your doorstep and will not take more than 2 hours to complete the service. 

  1. Pitstop Revive: The Pitstop revive pack which includes AC disinfection and sanitization, interior germ cleaning, Exterior Eco dry wash, battery check, tyre check and complete inspection of the car. 
  2. Complete car service: This service includes the pitstop revive pack process and in addition, the engine oil is replaced, oil and the air filter is replaced, coolant, brake and wiper fluid top-up, brake pads are removed, cleaned and placed back. The technician will also scan the engine and report the health of the engine. 
  3. Oil change service: It includes draining of engine oil and replacing it, the oil filter is replaced, the air filter is cleaned, wiper fluid top up, vehicle current condition is diagnosed and reported, engine scanning and reporting.
  4.  Car inspection: Vehicles that are not used for a long period of time require car inspection. This includes dashboard check, tyres check, brakes check, battery check, fluids check, electricals check, AC check.

Why should you choose Pitstop?

We at Pitstop take our service very seriously and have a strict policy of giving high-quality car service to all our customers. To make it convenient we come to your doorstep to service your car within 2 hours to save your precious time. We promise to use only manufacturer recommended 100% genuine original spare parts for all our service. Also, Pitstop provides 1 year of service warranty for all our spare parts. To give you the best value for money we have fair and reasonable pricing. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a Garage-like experience for your car with Pitstop Garage@Apartment!