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Places To Visit For a Quick Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaway

It’s definitely been too long since any of us left the house – with a self-imposed lockdown for the last 7 months and the constant drudgery of zoom calls and WFH duties. And this is exactly what makes the upcoming long weekend all the more special and exciting! This blog features the best weekend getaway from some of the top Indian cities, namely – Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad.

As for your safety amidst the pandemic, make sure to carry enough sanitizers to paint the town clean, wear your mask, and see to it that you have checked out all the mandatory government regulations before stepping out of your house!

Places to visit around Delhi-NCR

One of the most popular Himachal hill stations, Kasauli offers travelers the opportunity to unwind and relax in peace, away from the city’s hustle-bustle. Hit the road and enjoy the vibrant and clear skies, the foggy mornings, and the mesmerizing sunrises as soon as you step into this slice of heaven. If you’re not too keen on doing the general touristy things, go for a walk and explore the quaint cafes around the city and tug on to that special cup of joe high up in the hills!

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Widely known as the adventure capital of our country, gone are the days when Rishikesh used to be merely a pilgrim destination. The Himalayan foothills have been winning the hearts of young people with their promise of some amazing outdoor adventure activities which are unparalleled anywhere else in India. So if you’re itching for some mountain air and seeking a little bit of adventure, pack your bags and head straight to Rishikesh for some river rafting, bungee jumping, cliff diving. Or if you’re the silent type, might as well curl up with a Ruskin Bond book and a hot cup of Joe by the mountain views with the Ganges flowing by.

Places to Visit near Mumbai

Mahabaleshwar is a perfect fusion of old-world charm and modernity. One of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is the ideal place to head out in the autumn months because of its incredible weather. Best part? You can explore the various strawberry plantations around the town and even pick your own (if the farmers allow, of course. No stealing berries!) 


Panchgani is another one of Mumbai and Pune’s most-visited weekend getaway destinations. The hill station is the most sought-after amalgamation of coastal plains on one side and hilly terrains on the other. The picturesque backdrop of the Bella Vista resort and a piping hot cup of tea on Tableland definitely tops any other plans you could have for your weekend anyway! 

Places to Visit Near Pune

Matheran is another serene hill station that is almost equally close to Mumbai, Pune, and Surat. If you’re a first-time traveler, make sure you visit the regular tourist haunts like the Panorama Point, Charlotte Lake, the Louisa Point, etc. Or, you can choose to eat some hot, soupy Maggi from the roadside stalls while enjoying the spectacular Echo Point. During the daytime, pack a picnic and head off to the Panther’s Cave or the Paymaster Park where you can sit and enjoy a good book amidst the very lap of nature. Definitely a more enriching experience than sitting at home and binge-watching Netflix!

Pawna Lake

If you’re a major fan of the outdoors and wish to lie in the lap of nature, a weekend getaway to Pawna Lake from Pune should come to you like manna from heaven. Pack your bags and enjoy a scenic drive to the lake, post which you can set up your own tent! There are various commercial camping packages available in the area, but you can also carry along your own tent and enjoy the calming waters of the lake, build yourself a bonfire and pass the night with some lively music, barbeque dinner, and star gazing! Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

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Places to visit near Hyderabad

Warangal is the perfect weekend getaway if you’re a fan of contemporary architecture. Make sure you book a stay at the Haritha Kakatiya and soak in all the glory of the once-powerful Kakatiya Dynasty that constructed several monuments in and around the city. Ideal for a weekend trip, you can choose to indulge in wildlife spotting at the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary on the Godavari banks or try your hand at bird watching, photography, and boating at the Pakhal Lake nearby for a more adventurous time! 


Once the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool has now transformed itself into a popular weekend spot for Hyderabad locals. The Hundri and Neeva waterways pass through the city, blessing the place with a lovely, tropical climate. If you’re taking a trip with your family, make sure you do not miss the famous Sri Yagantiswamy Temple or Uma Maheshwara Temple in Yaganti. But if you’re traveling with a group of friends or a more adventurous lot, be sure to test the waters at the small reservoir near the Agastya Pushkarni temple, where the naturally brimming waterfall is supposed to be holy! 

Places to visit near Bangalore

If you’re a fan of the hills, Coorg is positively going to be your favorite weekend getaway destination near Bangalore. The imposing mountains and the misty landscape paint the perfect picture in this little town of Karnataka. So if you’re tired of bustling through Bangalore traffic, take your car and head straight to Coorg, a harmonious blend of breathtakingly exotic scenery and lush greenery. And while you’re there, don’t forget to book your stay at the Taj Madikeri and enjoy the valley view from up there while sipping some delicious coffee, sourced from the local plantations!


Considered to be the birthplace of coffee in India, Chickmaglur is the best kind of weekend getaway for a group of friends looking for some much-needed bonding time. Just like most tourist places in and around Bangalore, it has its share of picturesque landscapes and greenery, perfect for nature lovers, mixed with the not-so-usual, lush, coffee plantations for the caffeine lover! So if you’re tired of answering zoom calls all week and need a place to chill, make a road trip out of your visit to Chikmagalur and take your buddies along for a treat!

Apart from being accessible and charming in their own way, they are also considered safe places to visit post the lockdown and quarantine period you’ve begrudgingly been spending at home.

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