The registration of a vehicle with a government authority is known as motor vehicle registration. Motor Vehicle registration establishes a link between a vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. Each vehicle is given a Vehicle registration plate which is also known as a number plate as a way of uniquely identifying them. 

Traditionally vehicles registered in one state need to take a no-objection certificate from the parent state or the state of registration and the road tax has to be paid in the new state. The process of refunding the road tax paid for the vehicle in the previous state on a pro-rata basis. When moving from one state to another the owner has a time period of 12 months to keep their vehicle in another state, if the stay exceeds 12 months then it is mandatory for the vehicle to be re-registered.  This whole process is complicated and also varies from state to state depending on the state laws, thus making it hard and tiresome for people to re-register their cars in a new state.

A new rule has been proposed by the Ministry of road transport and highways that will bring out a new registration series for vehicles. The new registration series also known as the ‘IN’ series is aimed at easing the process of registering vehicles from one state to another in case of relocation. It is a pilot project. This draft rule has been put on the Ministry’s website and is inviting comments from all states and union territories in the next 30 days.

The new process is much more simple and hassle-free when compared to the previous process and is aimed at easing the burden put on the vehicle owners when they relocate to new states. The newly registered vehicles with the IN tag will be levied for only two years of road tax at a time and the biggest advantage is the fact that the vehicles do not need to be re-registered if they relocate to a new state. The initial road tax on a new car during the initial time of purchase will be substantially lower than the road tax previously paid on new cars.

With the introduction of these changes, traveling and usage of vehicles in different states than the one registered in is now going to be much easier and citizen-friendly.

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