Even though the Indian government promotes the disposal of old cars, new rules for re-registering them have been implemented. Vehicle owners will have to pay eight times the standard amount to renew the registration of automobiles older than 15 years starting in April 2022, according to the new announcement.

Commercial vehicles are now included in the new notification. Owners of trucks and buses will have to pay additional fees when their fitness certificates are renewed. The notification has already been issued by the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways, and it will take effect next year.

According to the new notification, every 15-year-old car will pay Rs 5,000 to renew. The re-registration price is currently Rs 600. Even owners of ancient two-wheelers will have to pay Rs 1,000 instead of the present Rs 300 cost. The renewal charge for commercial cars is Rs 12,500, which is higher than the current rate of Rs 1,500.

Additional fines apply if the owner fails to re-register the vehicle. If the owner fails to register the car, a monthly charge of Rs 300 will be imposed on private vehicles and a monthly charge of Rs 500 will be added to commercial vehicles. If a commercial vehicle owner fails or neglects to renew their fitness certificate, they will be charged an additional Rs 50 each day.

Move to facilitate the implementation of a scrappage policy in the near future

The ministry has made adjustments to make it more difficult for people to keep their outdated vehicles. After the vehicle reaches the age of 15, private car owners will have to repeat the registration process every five years. The re-registration process for commercial vehicles must be repeated every eight years.

The government intends to phase out the manual fitness testing system. Because manual fitness exams can be falsified, in the future, all centres will have contemporary testing technologies. For manual and automatic vehicle fitness testing, there are varying fees.

As part of its voluntary cancellation scheme, the government has already announced the establishment of several examination centres. The scrappage policy and rules have yet to be finalised by the centre.

No relief for residents of Delhi-NCR

In the country’s capital and surrounding districts, the old law banning 10-year-old diesel cars and 15-year-old petrol cars will remain in place. This rule remains unchanged. Except for the Delhi-NCR region, the new notification is effective across India.

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