Car maintenance is an art in itself and a lot of people wonder how should a vehicle owner approach car maintenance. Most people think that getting a service done every few thousand kilometers and getting it washed every second day means maintaining a healthy car. But, there is a lot more that goes into proper maintenance of your car than a service. Some essentials need to be checked every once in a while such as clutch wires, brake pads, accelerator cables, etc and if these are let go unnoticed, it can leave you in a major problem.

One such problem which many users commonly face is that their car is struggling to accelerate properly. Imagine you are driving in a hilly area and as you start to go uphill, it gets difficult to power your vehicle through the terrain. This is a very common problem and it leaves you looking for the reasons your car is not accelerating, thus leaving you in a tricky spot. This leads to a lot of trouble and you end up looking for places that offer car service at home in Bangalore. So, to ensure that you do not have to face such an issue in the future and to maintain a healthy life of your engine, we will today look at a few reasons why your car is struggling to accelerate. As you go through the points, make a note of these and in case you find yourself relating to any points, you can reach out to us at PitStop where we help you find the solutions to all your problems.

  1. Fuel Filters: You are pushing the throttle but the car just won’t move. It sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? Well, low or no acceleration can be caused due to direct faults in the acceleration system or due to any other indirect causes in the engine. But, if are facing acceleration issues, the first step of action should be to check the fuel filters for any sign of damage, leak, or clogging due to dirt accumulation.

    A dirty fuel filter is often the reason why your car is struggling to accelerate and sometimes even standstill. It is because of the dirt that the fuel cannot reach the engine and thus there is no movement. Blockage in the filter sends less fuel and that is probably why your car is struggling to accelerate. If you find a blocked fuel filter and cannot visit the service center, you can reach out to PitStop which offers care service at home in Bangalore making it easy to get the filter fixed.
  • Timing Belt: One of the most influential parts for the proper working of a crankshaft is the timing belt which in turn is used to accelerate the vehicle. This means that the timing belt plays a very important role and needs to be checked in case you are facing acceleration problems with your vehicle. There are two main reasons for the timing belt to affect the acceleration.

    The first being a faulty belt in which it will need to be replaced. But, if you have just replaced the belt or it isn’t damaged but still is causing acceleration problems, you should get it checked for any displacement or misalignment. It should fix the acceleration problem. If you find out that the timing belt is the reason your car is struggling to accelerate, visit your nearest service center and get it fixed. But if you cannot move the vehicle and are looking for a car service at home in Bangalore, contact Pitstop to get the services at your doorstep.
  • Air Flow Meter: This is an important component of the air-fuel mixture composition. A clogged or damaged air flow meter can send wrong information causing slow acceleration or delayed response. This component is usually ignored during the analysis but it needs to be looked into and in case of clogging it should be cleaned first.

    The main function of the meter is to measure the amount of air intake and further forward it to the ECU. The ECU then decides the air-fuel mixture and helps the vehicle accelerate. In case of damage, or even clogging, the information sent is affected which eventually leads to poor response time and acceleration issues. Because of the signals that the airflow meter forwards, the engine does not accelerate and thus causes the issue to persist.
  • Throttle position sensor: As the name implies, the main task of the throttle position sensor is to read the position of the acceleration pedal and send the information further to the motion control unit. The motion control unit then reads the information and uses it for the air-fuel consumption system. In case the reading sent is incorrect, the air-fuel mixture will be in wrong proportions and hence can cause faulty acceleration. It is a very minute problem but can lead to bigger challenges.

So, if you are looking for reasons why your car is struggling to accelerate but cannot figure out the first plan of action, we suggest the above-mentioned checks and take it to the nearest mechanic. But, if your vehicle is in an unmovable condition and you are looking for car service at home in Bangalore, you can reach out to Pitstop.

We are the leaders in the industry and our team, a group of driven individuals, carries expertise in the field of car repairs. We make it our topmost priority to satisfy the customer and to deliver high-quality solutions at affordable prices. So think no more and call us today to get the best solutions to all your problems. If you cannot make it to our nearest service center, we also offer car service at home in Bangalore. This ensures that no matter how big the problem is, it will be looked into and solved without you having to go through the trouble of arranging the transportation.

Is General Service possible at doorstep?

Yes General Service of your car can be done right at your doorstep.Our team of certified mobile mechanics carry all the tools scanners and lifts to do the service at your home or office.

How often do I really need to get my car serviced?

Your car should be serviced every 6 months or every 10,000 kms whichever comes first.General service is highly recommended to help keep your car running smoothy and hassle free

How much time does General Service take?

General service will take just 90 minutes to complete at your doorstep.

What is the warranty that Pitstop offers?

Pitstop offers a colour match warranty as well as 1 year paint fade warranty in the denting painting work carried out at Pitstop certified garage.

Which brand of battery is used?

We use Amaron battery for long lasting protection of your car