The world of automotive painting is exciting, engaging, and supports the creative thinking and application process. For car enthusiasts, painting a vehicle has a sense of beauty, and a clean finish can give a car another level of pristine sophistication. Auto painting plays a special and important role in the auto industry and you can find out more about automotive painting below.

Automotive painting is of two types, Refinishing and Custom painting. Both the jobs have a sophisticated process and differ in their ways. 

Automotive refinishing

Everyone is prone to get their cars scratched or dented, no matter how skilled they are. It might be another driver in the traffic who is careless and bang on your car. Especially in a city like Noida where there is tight traffic, we can always see cars with long scratches on the bumper and side panels. Automotive painting is a part of car denting and painting service. The dent and scratch are removed using multiple processes. The denting painting cost can be quite reasonable depending on the level and type of damage of your ride.

Custom Painting

automotive painting

Mahindra Thar custom painted

 Custom painting is considered an art form in the automotive industry. When you want to change the color of your car or get a crazy-looking decal, a custom painter is your go-to guy. Custom painting is different from denting and painting. Custom painting may include painting over the present coat or repainting the whole vehicle. The process is different for all three types of automotive painting.

How is automotive paint made?

The automotive paint is comprised of three main elements:

  1. The pigment gives color to the paint.
  2. Thinner which Levels out the consistency of paint
  3. The binder helps to Binds the pigment and thinner

There are two types of automotive paints – Water bourne paints and Solvent bourne paint. Both are beneficial in their different aspects. 

Water-borne paints are more eco-friendly because they do not have any solvents in them. This type of paint uses water as the primary solvent. Water-based enamel can be used on primers, bare metal, or top-of-current coatings. These paints don’t have VOCs like the Solvent-borne paints. The eco-friendly aspect is increasing the popularity of water-borne paints.

Solvent-borne paints comprise multiple solvents such as urethane, lacquer, and enamel. The solvent base takes up a large part of the mixture which increases the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the mixture. The harmful effect these compounds have on the environment is raising concerns among users.

3 step process to paint a car

Step 1: Primer

Primer is the first layer that is sprayed on the body. This layer helps in levelling the surface of the body, prevents rust, stone chips, UV lights and helps in overcoming manufacturing defects.

Step 2: Base Coat

This is the second layer in the painting process. This is the step in which the color of the car comes alive. The base coat is a set of paint coatings sprayed on the car to get a good finish. The base coat is of 3 types: metallic, solid, and pearlescent. Metallic paints shine and have a glittery effect. solid paints are solid colors without sparkles.

Step 3: Clear-coat

The final step of the painting process is spraying the clear coat. 

The clear coat helps protect the base coat and prevents it from direct contact with the environment. This coat can either be solvent-borne or water-borne.


  1. When should I Paint my %make% %model%? 

It is recommended to do dent removal and painting immediately after impact. This can eliminate further damage like corrosion of the metal underneath the paint. Custom painting can be done as per your wish.

  1. Should I take my %make% %model% to a Pitstop garage in %city% for automotive painting service? 

Yes, the car has to be taken to the nearest Pitstop garage for car denting and painting service. Pitstop uses high-quality equipment and has trained professionals for automotive paint jobs. To make it more convenient. Car denting painting cost is reasonable compared to other service providers. Pitstop provides free pick and drop-off services to any location in %city%. Just book an appointment using our website or app. 

  1. What are the payment methods accepted by Pitstop? 

Pitstop accepts cash payment at the time of your car delivery. We also accept different payment methods, using our website or app you can pay using a credit or debit card, net banking, digital wallet, UPI payments and we also provide EMI options for our customers. EMI is available for values above Rs.5000. 

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