The impact of the pandemic did a number on the automotive industry and the shortage of semiconductor chips. In spite of these hurdles, some models have reported very strong growth in sales in India for the month of March this year. Car manufacturers reported a good number of sedan sales in March 2022, and sales for compact sedans rose by almost 33% in March. Scroll to find out more about the Top-selling sedans in March 2022.

Compact sedan sales March 2022

As mentioned before, the sales for this segment increased by around 33% for the month of March in 2022. The Maruti Dzire was a strong contributor to this increase with a registered number of sales of 18,623 units. The Tata Tigor contributed greatly to this segment as well and registered sales of 4,007 units. The next model in the line is the Hyundai Aura. This model had a good month as well and registered almost 3775 unit sales for March. Finally, on this list is the Honda Amaze with sales of 2,988 units last month.

The four compact sedans of the four automakers as a whole registered sales of only 22,150 in March 2021. Whereas, the same four models had overall sales of 29,393 units during March this year. 

C-segment: Top-selling sedan in March 2022

As seen before, the Honda City is leading in the number of sales for March 2022 in the C-segment. The model was able to rake up 3,225 sales in units for March of this financial year. The number of sales registered for Slavia is 2,665 units which is not very far off in comparison to the City for the same period.

The third place in this segment is reserved for the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. 1,834 units of this model were sold during March this year. The Hyundai Verna also did well with a registered sales count of 1,586 units. Although, this year Volkswagen Vento did very poorly in racking up sales.

The overall total of the cars in this segment for the month of March in 2022 is 9,485 units respectively. In comparison to the same month previous year, the total sales were only 5,358 units. This data shows a Year on Year growth in sales of 77%.

Sales for D-segment

The only car that belongs to the D-segment this year is the Skoda Octavia. In the sedan market, only Octavia has registered sales of 180 units in March this year. The Octavia has been alone in the D-segment for quite a while now.

Premium sedan sales

Last on the list is the sales of Premium sedans in the country this year. The sales numbers were comparatively strong for this segment. In March 2022, the Skoda Superb was at the top with registered sales of 180 units. Whereas, the Toyota Camry was right below it with sales of 120 units. 250 units of the Skoda Superb were sold last year in March, whereas only 31 units of the Camry were sold in March 2021.

RankModelMarch 2022 SalesMarch 2021 SalesFebruary 2022 SalesYoY growthMoM growth
1Maruti Suzuki Dzire18,623 units11,434 units17,438 units63%47.15%
2Tata Tigor4,007 units2,097 units4,091 units91%11.06%
3Hyundai Aura3,775 units4,023 units3,668 units-6%9.92%
4Honda City3,225 units815 units2,836 units296%7.67%
5Honda Amaze2,988 units4,596 units3,405 units-35%9.21%
6Skoda Slavia2,665 units-1,862 units-5.03%
7Maruti Suzuki Ciaz1,834 units1,628 units1,912 units13%5.17%
8Hyundai Verna1,586 units2,778 units1,058 units-43%2.86%
9Skoda Octavia180 units5 units168 units3500%0.45%
10Skoda Superb180 units250 units99 units-28%0.27%
11Volkswagen Vento175 units137 units277 units28%0.75%
12Toyota Camry120 units31 units161 units287%0.44%

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