For every car owner, it is important to keep their joy ride in good shape and condition. Many people follow the standard rule of getting a car service once a year. However, sometimes, the car may need service or repair in between. You may ignore the signs that your car needs service, but it can cost you later. It is better to pay attention to the car service symptoms to prevent the breakdown of your car.

Also, if you are someone who doesn’t take the servicing of your car seriously, your car may be experiencing major wear and tear. You must follow the manufacturer’s guideline of getting car service after a certain time period or mileage whichever comes first.

Let’s have a look at signs that your car needs service:

car service symptoms

Engine warning light

Thanks to the new age cars that tell you when the car needs maintenance. If a yellow check engine light appears on the dashboard, you must get the car to the garage for service as early as possible. The yellow engine light can be an indication of several problems. Some cars also have a service light that will come when the next service of the car is due. So, keep an eye on your car dashboard warning lights and if any of them pops, don’t ignore it for too long.

Unusual noises

If your car is making unusual noises, you must check before it transforms into a serious problem. Some of the noises that you need to pay attention to are:

  • Metal scraping sound
  • Whining from under the bonnet
  • Uneven engine noise
  • Louder exhaust noise
  • Squealing when you step on the brake
  • Crunching gears

Smoke or steam from the bonnet

The smoke or steam is one of the common causes of engine overheating, and it is an indication that there is some problem with the radiator. You are not in danger if you see steam coming out of the bonnet, but you must get the car checked out as early as possible. You must have a look at the car’s temperature gauge. If you find it at maximum, pull over and wait for the car to cool down before driving again. If at all you see blue smoke coming from the car, stop at a safe place, and get someone to tow the car to the garage.

Vibration or pulling under braking

This is caused because of worn-out brake discs or pads, suspension problems, or issues with the steering. It is important to get your car serviced as soon as possible because it is not safe to drive like this. These car service symptoms can be a sign of tyre wear, so check them as well.

Uncomfortable rides

If your rides have become less smooth than before, it is a clear sign that your joy ride needs a service and maintenance.

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