With great speed comes a greater need for good brakes! And this is why it is always advised that you get your car brakes checked at regular intervals. Wondering whom to choose? Pitstop is the right solution for you. Coming back to the topic, there are some signs that you should never ignore. These signs can be easily overlooked if one is not aware of them. So, we have compiled a list of 10 signs to never ignore which will let you know that your car needs brakes replacement.

1. Screeching Noises

When you hear a screeching noise or grinding sounds from your brakes, this usually means that the brake pads have worn out and need replacement. This sound could be caused by the metal on the brake pads coming to contact with the disc. Sometimes even though you don’t hear any screeching and you feel that the brakes are not effective like before this also tells that the pads are worn.

2. Screeching noise despite new brake pads

Even with new pads sometimes you can hear screeching from the brakes. This means that the rotors are glazed and they need replacement. To confirm this you can check the rotors for dark rings or blue marks. This is usually caused because of excessive braking which heats up the metal.

3. Soft Pedal

If you feel that the brake pedals are very soft and need less effort to apply, could be a sign of loss of brake fluid pressure. For the brakes to be effective you need to have sufficient pressure in the master cylinder. A leak and air bubbles in the brake lines could be the reason. If your car leaves an oil stain on the floor when it is not in use could be a sign of a fluid leak.

4. Rigid pedal

This is the opposite of a soft pedal if the brake pedals don’t budge no matter how much effort you exert. This could be caused by a faulty rotor or brake fluid. This tells you that your brakes need to be serviced or replaced.

5. Vibrations in Car Brakes

When you feel vibrations in your brake pedal it tells that there is a problem with the rotor. With vibrations, you could also hear some grinding noises. It easy to notice this while driving. Cold conditions could generate some vibrations because of the wetness. But if you experience this in hot conditions, it’s a sign that your brakes need replacement.

6. Car brakes dashboard warning light

Few cars have brake light warning on the dash. When this light appears even though you feel your brakes are fine, it’s important to get it checked. It could be a sign of something not working internally which is not seen by our naked eyes.

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7. Strange Smells

These kinds of signs are easy to notice. When you experience a pungent smell around the car, don’t hesitate to get it checked. When your car is driven for long which heats up your brakes, there could be a faulty part that is losing its properties.

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8. Shuddering Steering Wheel

When you observe shuddering steering when brakes are applied, it could be a sign of wheels out of balance or alignment. If this is seen even after fixing your wheels, then it could be a sign of a faulty brake system.

9. Squealing Noise from Car Brakes

The squealing noise is very different from the screeching noise. You can easily differentiate them. So this could be a faulty or rusted rotor that needs to be replaced.

10. Car Pulls To One Side

When you see your car getting pulled to one side of the road, it could be a sign of the brake linings wearing unevenly. This is caused when there are unwanted foreign particles in the brake fluid. The fluid needs to be drained and replaced.

If you hear, feel or see any of the signs, make sure that you get your car brakes inspected by the expert technicians at Pitstop. Book the car brake issue inspection service from Pitstop app now.