The entry of Skoda Octavia has made car enthusiasts rethink their choices about sedans over SUVs. It so happens this sedan comes with features like no other sedan has offered before and is primarily found in more premium cars or SUVs.  Here are some unique features of Skoda Octavia that you should have a look at:

1. Passive rear entry and boot space:

As the Octavia has largely catered to sporty and sedan enthusiasts, the passive entry at the rear side of the vehicle has made it convenient for the owner of the vehicle who may end up spending time there more often. This small detail has made it competitive enough to fight SUVs in terms of convenience. The 600-litre boot in the new Octavia is expandable to 1555 litres when the rear seats are folded. This is the most unique feature as this is mostly found in SUVs and the sedan has won in this category with this added convenience feature.

2. Remote folding seats:

Mostly this feature is seen in high-end SUVs or premium cars but this variant of Octavia will have remote powered seats. This not only is an increased convenience factor but also increased boot space all with a touch of a button.

3. Skoda Octavia Gets Shift by wire:

Skoda Octavia’s 4th-gen model is the first of its kind to come with a shift by wire technology and electronic parking brake. This shift has a minimalistic design that is powered by a shift lever integrated with a  centre console. This does eliminate the need for shift gear and other parts but guarantees mechanical failsafe. This unique feature is currently not seen in any other cars in the Indian market.

4. Skoda Octavia offers Ambient lighting:

Skoda has really won in terms of interior aesthetics this time, with its new ambient lighting feature. The most comforting LED lighting offers many color options, which includes lights running alongside the various parts of the car such as the door and dashboard giving an aesthetic appeal. The lighting is also visible in the foot area of both the front and rear.

5. USB Port-C in the rearview mirror:

Having installed various technology smart features this year, one of the unique features is the USB Port-C in the rearview mirror equipped for a dashcam that can be used to record the traffic in front of you, the sole reason for a USB port. This means that you will no longer need the hassle of long wires to connect to a dashcam. Instead all you have to do is connect to the port which is more convenient.

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