British luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce has displayed its newly redesigned version of its mascot, the Spirit of Ecstasy. The announcement was made on the occasion marking exactly 111 years since the automaker first registered the patent for its mascot. Furthermore, the Spirit Of Ecstasy is a sculpture of Eleanor Velasco by Charles Sykes. The remodelled sculpture will feature in the upcoming Rolls Royce Spectre in 2023. 

New design updates on the Spirit Of Ecstasy 

Spirit Of EcstasyThe sculpture gets a lower and more dynamic stance to depict the swift and aero efficiency of Rolls-Royce. Moreover, the automaker said that the new design shares more similarities to the original sketches by Charles Sykes.

When it comes to dimensions, the new form is almost 17mm shorter than the current design. Also, the company reshaped the mascot’s robe which is often mistaken for wings. According to the British automaker, the new design makes the whole sculpture look more “aerodynamic and realistic”. Rolls-Royce also added that “Now, she is a true goddess of speed, braced for the wind, one leg forward, body tucked low, her eyes focused eagerly ahead,” emphasizing how the mascot’s stance relates to speed.

Spirit Of EcstasyAdditionally, the new design focuses on more realistic features. Including the attention given to the mascot’s hair, clothes, expression, and posture during the design process. Each Spirit Of Ecstasy will be slightly unique as the sculpture will be hand-finished after the ‘lost wax casting’ or ‘cire-perdue’ process.

Such importance given to the details is what makes Rolls-Royce elite and expensiveThe new ornament will feature on all Rolls-Royce models coming after the Spectre. However, the current version will continue to be in use on the existing lineup of Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn, and Cullinan.

Rolls-Royce’s plans for India

The new second-gen Ghost was the luxury automaker’s latest addition to its India lineup. Rolls-Royce is now readying up to include the standard and long-wheelbase models of the Ghost with the launch of the Ghost Black Badge in the near future.


1. What is the Spirit Of Ecstasy?

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the sculpture on the bonnet of every Rolls-Royce car.

2. Who designed the Spirit Of Ecstasy? When was it implemented? 

Charles Sykes designed the Spirit Of Ecstasy back in 1909. However, Rolls-Royce started implementing it in 1911 on every car they produced.

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