People often tend to use their car regularly, and cars are meant to be driven. There are few cases when cars are being stranded in one place for a long period of time. The Covid-19 Pandemic is one such reason. We have been fighting this pandemic for over a year now and the second wave has hit us pretty bad. Governments have been tackling the situation with unexpected lockdowns which results in work from home and students attending schools from home. 

These unexpected lockdowns can extend for some months as we have experienced in 2020. This rule which bans people from coming out of their homes for any reason has been taking a toll on your cars as well. There is a downside to leaving your car in one place and not using it often. Many components start to deteriorate and not work when you use the car. It is not essential that you take out your car for a  spin every day. A couple of times a week is recommended to prevent problems further down the line. 

Here are the things to be worried about when your car is stranded for a long period of time.

  1. Engaged hand brakes wear out your brake pads:

    When the handbrake is engaged for a long period of time, brake pads that are engaged onto the disc or drums get stuck in that position. This not only costs you a lot of money but is also unsafe to drive the car.

  2. Damages the paint:

    Even with the car cover on it is difficult to avoid dust, grime and moisture from reaching the body. All this ends up damaging the paint, or worse corrodes the surface.

  3. The battery is damaged:

    The charge in the battery starts depleting when not used over time. Also, the terminals tend to rust over time which needs to be greased to avoid this.

  4. The fuel tank gets damaged:

    The fuel tank is something no one cares about, but when your car is abandoned for some time they tend to rust from the inside because of the moisture.

  5. Interior stinks:

    When you leave trash inside the car and forget it there, it gets rotten and attracts rodents and starts to smell. These rodents may end up damaging the floor mars, seat covers, and some wirings as well.

  6. The tyres are damaged:

    Cars stationed at one place for a long time leave flat spots on tyres, which can be unsafe to drive. Also, tyre pressure comes down which results in cracking of sidewalls compromising the integrity of the tyre.

  7. Many fluids could lose their properties:

    Fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid etc could lose their properties over time. When the car is driven in this condition it damages some important parts of the car. 

All of this can have an adverse effect on your car. But, with Pitstop’s free car sanitization, battery health checkup and jump start, complete car inspection and fluid top up and tyre check and puncture repair, you can get your car ready for rolling down in the deep! So, no more stranded cars, only one Pitstop and your car is all set to embark on new journeys.

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