SUVs have emerged as the go-to choice of cars for Indians in recent times. This lead to a lot of automobile companies making and launch their  SUVs in the Indian market. The SUV category is further divided into compact SUV, sub-compact SUV, and the traditional SUV, all three of which have become popular in the Indian market. Let’s take a look at the SUV sales report for April 2021.

In April of 2021, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai sold around 24,000 SUVs with Suzuki selling 753 units more and making a total sale of 24,578 SUVs. Mahindra tho a brand known for its SUVs is only at 3rd place with a little over 18,000 units being sold. KIA which has only entered the Indian market a few years ago is already making its impression felt in the Indian market with 16,111 units sold and is fast catching up to Mahindra. Tata Motors is lagging behind all the above car makers with 10,164 units sold in the SUV segment.

Indian market dominated by the Korean sisters?

KIA and Hyundai which are both owned by Hyundai Motor Corp have made a huge impact in the Indian market. When looked at as different companies and away from its parent company Hyundai goes toe to toe with Suzuki while KIA is fast catching up but when combined Hyundai and KIA outcompete the Japanese giant and are far ahead in terms of SUV sales. 

Hyundai and KIA have used their cards right and loaded their cars with features and advertised them to and for the right audience which helped them take over the SUV market and the Korean domination seems unstoppable as of now.

The future:

With the SUV segment being soo popular, New brands are launching their products in the segment and the existing brands are upgrading their products and are releasing newer cars as well.

Maruti Suzuki will be launching the 5 doors Jimny, the newer generation of the Brezza, and is developing a new mid-sized SUV as well which is aimed at taking on the Hyundai Creta and KIA Seltos. Hyundai with the launch of the Alcazar is planning on expanding its market cap and enter into the 7-seater SUV market.

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