Maruti Suzuki and Toyota’s partnership has seen great success in the Indian market with their rebadged models like Brezza- Urban cruiser and Baleno- Galanza. Moreover, we were expecting a midsize SUV to be built in Toyota’s plant, developed in the Japanese collaboration. Now the Toyota Suzuki partnership is working on developing a midsize all-electric SUV. This Suzuki-Toyota Midsize EV will get a completely new modern and futuristic design styling when compared to the existing models of both automakers.

Furthermore, the manufacturers plan to make the global models in India as well. The production will take place in Suzuki’s facility in Gujarat.

More about the Suzuki-Toyota Midsize EV

Suzuki has codenamed the upcoming SUV the YY8. This is not a compact, sub-4 meter vehicle. We can expect a 4.2-meter long SUV with similar dimensions as the MG ZS EV. Since the upcoming EV will be on a dedicated flatbed platform, it will come with a long 2700mm wheelbase and flat battery pack.

This will result in enhanced packaging and weight distribution. Therefore, a long wheelbase will be one of the key design directions for the upcoming EV. The model is still under development and official information about the exterior design or features is not out yet. 

Suzuki-Toyota Midsize EV: Powertrain

The YY8 will come in both two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive drivetrains. The two-wheel-drive variant will feature a single 138hp motor and a 48kWh battery pack. This setup can provide a range output of 400km approx.

On the other hand, the all-wheel-drive variant will get two electric motors, with a total power of 170hp and a larger 59kWh battery pack. this setup can provide an estimated range output of 500km. we will have to wait and see if the all-wheel-drive variant will be offered in the Indian market.

We expect Toyota to launch both two-wheel and all-wheel-drive variants in India. Moreover, the Toyota badged version of the YY8 will come with similar technical specifications. However, external design styling and dimensions will differ. This model will have a similar styling as the  BZ4X EV.

Make in India initiative

The manufacturers will source most of the components and materials locally, including the battery pack from TDSG, a large-scale battery manufacturing joint-venture between Suzuki Motor Corp., Denso Corp., and Toshiba Corp set up in Gujarat to locally manufacture lithium-ion battery packs. This will have a huge impact on the cost of the vehicle as all the competitors import battery packs from foreign markets. Moreover, the lithium-ion cells will come from BYD – one of the world’s best battery makers in China. 


The Maruti Suzuki YY8 and Toyota’s model will hit the markets by 2025. Maruti is known for its competitive pricing and we expect the YY8 to come at a reasonable price. Moreover, the automaker is targeting the ₹13 lakh-15 lakh range, this will fill the huge gap in the EV segment without compromising on the size and features of the vehicle. The bestselling Nexon EV comes with a base price of ₹14.29 lakh.

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