Tata cars and SUVs will soon be getting Indian voice assistants to function in their cars. Tata along with Mihup Communication which is a Kolkata-based startup and Harman International have worked on a voice assistant using Indian languages as a medium for communication to be fit into the Tata cars.

Changes by Mihup:

Tata cars already do have an in-voice assist feature but they had a limited dictionary and didn’t have Indian language or dialect support. Tata wanted a system to make the process hands-free and available to a wide diversity of populations speaking different languages.

Mihup, the Kolkata-based startup came up with ‘AVA auto’ to address the target set by the Tata motors and meet its requirement of new features to be added to the car voice assistant. Mihup offers online, offline, and hybrid connectivity along with a wide range of other features. The AVA auto supports Hinglish (a blend of English language and Hindi language). The system does not need a manual on or off switch and can respond back to the users’ voice command.

The firm estimates that by 2023, 8 billion voice assistants will be in use. It also says that around 95% of customers are expected to be using the in-voice assistants by 2022.

Currently, the offline model is available in the Tata altroz and Tata Nexon, AVA now makes the whole experience hands-free with the use of voice-based controls. Controlling AC, volume, AM/FM, and Music System can all be done using voice commands. Even phone calls can be made without the use of pressing buttons or using the phone.

Through this Tata plans on reaching out and making the voice-free experience available not just to the premium vehicle user but to most of the market as well. Tata is soon planning on adding benglish(bengali+ English ) and Tamilsh(Tamil+ English ) to the voice assistant database making it more reachable to a wider market range. Soon more Indian languages may follow suit resulting in a desi version of the Voice assistant.

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